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It's time for us to say goodbye to Jeremy Gilbert forever next week, but the CW isn't going to let him slip out of our lives without a little bit of pomp and ceremony to memorialize his time in Mystic Falls.

So, get ready to take an emotional walk down memory lane as we remember how far Jeremy has come since he first sulked onto our screens as the youngest Gilbert. Do you remember...

...When he really was "Elena's little brother?"

Ah, the good old fashioned spiky hair days!

When he realized the burden of being a Gilbert

And, even though it all got too much for him sometimes, he shouldered it with resolve beyond his years.

When Vicki Broke His Heart...

The pain of losing your first love is always excruciating, but poor Jeremy had it worse than any of us.

...And he wondered why everyone had to die on him

Admit it, you nearly cried too.

When he was a badass against evil

Because sometimes, a Gilbert's gotta do what a Gilbert's got to do.

When he was suddenly one of the hottest guys

Can anyone pinpoint exactly when this happened?!

When he was bewitched by Bonnie

So adorable <3

And finally, when he had to leave

He really does deserve a normal life.

Watch the entire moving walk down memory lane in the video below:

This isn't going to be an easy goodbye, but I'm glad that Jeremy can finally go on to live his dreams.

Watch Jeremy's last hurrah on Thursday 12 February.

(Source: TV Line)


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