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Julie Plec has spoken out about her favorite Vampire Diaries scene out of all of the six seasons she has written, and boy has she thrown an emotional spanner in the works of my day!

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) show runner revealed that the scene she believes finally proved that the hit CW show was more than "blood, fangs & brooding" starred Damon with his ill fated love, Rose.

Damon consoles Rose in her final moments
Damon consoles Rose in her final moments

In the harrowing scene from 'The Descent' in Season 2, Damon is forced to confront that his lover is dying and choses to put her out her misery in the most humane way possible. Plec explained to ETonline that:

Damon realizes that she is suffering, so he decides that he is going to put her out of her misery. She is getting the warmth of the sun, and feeling safe, and comforted as he talks her through her last moments of life. Then he stakes her and puts her out of her misery.

For those of you who need a brutal reminder about one of the most harrowing scenes in Mystic Falls' history, get the tissue at the ready for the full clip below:

Watching this and listening to Plec's response has got me thinking, what's your favorite Vampire Diaries scene and why?

Share your most inspirational, emotional or elating moment from The Vampire Diaries in the comments below!

(Source: ETOnline)


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