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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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This insane cosplay is in a world of its own, and would totally answer the question "what would happen if X-Men's Rogue and Fantastic Four's The Thing got beyond first base?" If the question was ever thought of before. Which it probably hasn't been.

Created by cosplayer Northern Belle with the aid of the talented body painters Artisticurves for display at last year's Fax Expo, the result is really quite striking and totally badass! Props to the ace photography by Seai too! Check it out...

The Rogue Thing

Rogue has always been one of my favorite characters, not only for my name sake, but for the possibilities of “What if?”. What if Rogue held on to Ben Grimm too long, putting him in a coma like state?
Not only would he be incapacitated, but all his powers and memories would now reside within Rogue.
Both Rogue and The Thing have more emotional tendencies, feeling both cursed and gifted in the same go.
As a result, I believe in this ‘what if’ scenario Rogue would feel obligated to step back from the X-Men and fulfill the void she created on the Fantastic 4 team.
Furthermore as homage (and as a lovely little pun) she could identify as The Rogue Thing.

Some interesting words from Northern Belle on her awesome cosplay creation. But, all that aside, I wonder how Iceman would feel? Frozen in shock? Left out in the cold? Would he give Rogue the cold shoulder? Or a frosty reception? I don't think he would be particularly cool with it.

I'm here all week.

What do you guys make of the creation?

(Source: Northern Belle Rogue via Facebook)


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