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2014, as we're all aware, was rife with disappointments for the gaming industry. From broken games and endless release date delays, to server issues and publishing falsities. We had it all last year. It was also a particularly awful year for Ubisoft, not financially of course, but their reputation has certainly taken a hit.

Assassin's Creed: Unity was released in a broken form, The Crew was a major disappointment with some awful server issues and Watch Dogs was not the game that it was advertised as at E3 (go figure). Not exactly the best track record. But the thing about Watch Dogs was that it really does have potential as a series, but there's one major defect aside from its gameplay: Aiden Pearce.

Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs 2?
Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs 2?

Will Aiden Pierce Be in Watch Dogs 2?

The current state of the gaming industry can be likened to the dawn of sound in cinema. Films became encumbered by the presence of this new technology. Cameras were rooted to their spots, while the performers' movements were limited in order to ensure that their voices were clearly heard.

Cinema suffered for many years due to its introduction. Sound was revolutionary and every studio was determined to do everything they could to fill their productions with the voices of their actors. Many film historians claim that this was detrimental to the industry and that it arrived far too early. Innovation was nowhere to be seen and it took many years for cinema to get back on its feet and begin to work sound more fluidly into its pictures.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

In a way, this is a similar situation with graphics in gaming. The NextGen consoles have had their release dates, and the Xbox One and PS4 are determined to release games that look and feel like NextGen titles. Unfortunately, in this race for success, we've seen a serious downgrade in terms of quality in every other area.

This was exactly the same with the Xbox 360 and PS3. It takes time for developers and publishers to adjust to new technology and thus the body of the work suffers in the attempt to make it look great. This is blindingly apparent in a lot of Triple A titles, and I'm frankly bored out of my mind with the protagonists that are continually thrown at us.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

I'm currently in the middle of playing Dying Light and the lead (who's name I've forgotten) is one of the most boring characters I've yet to come across. Not to mention that he's essentially just Jason Brody from Far Cry 3 anyway. Studios are continually giving us these deep voiced characters that are as bland as possible, probably in an attempt to prevent isolating their fan base. Lord knows that we don't want to play as interesting characters.

But when it came to Watch Dogs, it really was just too much. Aiden Pearce was pathetically uninteresting. His actions were motivated in a lazy manner and I found myself staring at the side characters wondering why we weren't playing as one of them! Why couldn't we have been Jordi Chin?! He was insane and funny and at least it would have been interesting to see what the character was going to do next. Check out Zero Punctaution's review of Watch Dogs, which hilariously highlights some of its gaping issues.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually had some fun with Watch Dogs, and the prospect of a Watch Dogs 2 release date for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 is actually something I would look forward to. But I'm seriously dying to see some life injected into the characters we play as. What ever happened to Ubisoft making leads like Ezio Auditore?! Remember how we liked him Ubisoft, you know, cause he was interesting?

Let me know what you think of Aiden Pearce gamers and whether you'd like to see him completely removed from the potential Watch Dogs 2 title. I can already sense the kind of character that Assassin's Creed Victory is going to have, and no I'm not excited.


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