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We all know how apocalypse stories start, right? The whole family is sitting in the kitchen eating their breakfast, the sun is bright, and everything is fine and dandy. But what's that over there? In the background, on the TV everyone is ignoring, is an ominous news report of weird happenings, civil unrest and deadly incidents. We all know what that means. Sh*ts about to go down.

Consider this article, that easily ignored ambiguous and ominous news report, because in South Korea a robot vacuum cleaner just tried to kill its owner.

Sure, this might seem like a minor - even laughable - incident, but could this be the first skirmish that will lead to a full blown human vs. robots apocalyptic conflagration? No, probably not. But still, it is quite funny.

In fact, the defence council for the murderous Roomba-esque device would probably claim the robot was merely doing its job to an extremely high level of efficiency. It was conducting its cleaning rounds when it stumbled across its sleeping owner's hair. It then did what any self-respecting robotic trash-sucker-upper would do, and proceeded to ingest it within its metallic bowels. This would have been fine if the hair was not still attached to its 52-year-old owner's scalp.

The terrified woman, who presumably didn't know what the hell was happening for quite a few horrific seconds, proceeded to call the fire brigade in order to escape from the vacuum's dust-encrusted clutches.

This they obligingly did, but not before snapping the above photo, y'know, for official records and stuff. Not for, like, showing it around at work or posting online or anything...

Source: DailyDot


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