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Do you find it hard to sleep at night? Are you terrified of ghosts lurking behind that partially open door? Well, I've got news for you Bub, they're also lurking behind that door in the day - at least according to Ted and Mary Lou Carter-Sanchez.

Most people seem to associate ghouls and other supernatural 'entities' with the night, but Ted and Mary - two paranormal investigators from Pennsylvania have a different theory. They believe ghosts are also present in the day and, more importantly, they need our love.

Over at their blog, Day Ghost Hunter, Ted and Mary list their adventures in the broad daylight. The general theory goes that we often see ghosts at night because they are agitated and restless that the rest of us are asleep.

In reality, all they want to do is communicate with us, and Ted and Mary stress they're not too dissimilar from humans. They don't just have to hang around graveyards and abandoned mental asylums, but they in fact generally haunt their favorite places - which could be a nature spot, bar, or the mall. Mary claims to have encountered her first ghost in an empty Starbucks back in 2002.

There isn't supposed to be a ghost in this picture.
There isn't supposed to be a ghost in this picture.

Ted takes things a bit further and suggests ghosts might even try to steal kisses from unsuspecting humans. In fact, he goes to rather weird places in his discussion of this phenomenon - namely that you retain memories of all your kisses across your various lives and they're stored in your 'spirit stomach.' But basically, he argues:

We’re talking about Ghost Kisses. Yes, I said it. Ghost Kisses. A lot of people like to ignore this. That isn’t you of course. You are here to read about the truth. Do you like kissing? Well why would you stop liking something once you turned into a ghost? It’s only natural.

So there you have it, ghosts are all around you and all they want is a kiss. That's if you believe in ghosts, I suppose. If your science and logic addled brains don't allow for that, then I guess that's just more of these ghost smooches for those who do believe.

I'll leave you with the wise words of Ted:

Remember, they're all around us. When you're in need of a hug, just reach out and grab one.

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