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Tattoos; love em' or hate em', there's no denying that - if done right - they can elevate a body from a bland corporeal object to a living, breathing work of art.

Personally, I've never been keen on the idea of having one myself, but after seeing these stunning ink-masterpieces, I might just be coming around!

Take a look at these breathtaking pop culture tattoos, some of which I could barely distinguish from a photograph:

Arm-ed and Dangerous

Leon the Professional is rendered with appropriately professional skills - I almost want to reach out and ruffle that glorious stubble!

[Source: Dmitriy Samohin]

Joking Around

This design is so well realized, it's genuinely frightening.

[Source: Fred_Tattoo]

A Lucky, Punkish Charm

I bet this person feels lucky to have Hollywood heavyweight Clint Eastwood on their body!

[Source: Fred_Tattoo]

What's Cooking?

The personality of Breaking Bad's Walter White really comes through in his expression here, and just look at the detail in his wrinkles.

[Source: Fred_Tattoo]

A Tasty Bit of Flesh

If Dr. Hannibal Lecter could eat his own face off this arm, I bet he would.

[Source: Fred_Tattoo]

Anarchic Ink

This just might be the best of the bunch- Sons of Anarchy's Bobby Munson is impeccably drawn.

[Source: Dmitriy Samohin]

Torso of Terror

That decomposing skull is pretty damn awesome!

[Source: Dmitriy Samohin]

Monkeying Around

The sense of depth in this design is staggering.

[Source: Dmitriy Samohin]

Gosling Can Go Anywhere He Likes on My Body

I didn't think it was possible, but Gosling has never looked so beautiful.

[Source: Val_tatboo]

Nerves of Iron

I don't think I'd ever have the guts to get a tattoo this large, but there's no denying how great it looks!

[Source: Val_tatboo]

Dark Art

If I was to have one Harry Potter tattoo, it would have to be of my favorite character, the famous Slytherin potions master himself!

[Source: Val_tatboo]


This is easily the best Mask design I've seen - I'd recognize that Jim Carrey grin anywhere.

[Source: Val_tatboo]


Which tattoo would you consider getting?


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