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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Every true Harry Potter fan knows that supposed antagonist Severus Snape is actually a total hero and, as Harry himself says, 'the bravest man [he's] ever known.'

Still, if you watch all of the Snape scenes strung together chronologically, the story unfolds in a sadder and more crushing way than just catching little glimpses into Snape's tragic life throughout the Harry Potter series.

Watch the full vid or check out the breakdown below...

Take a look at Harry Potter from Snape's perspective.

One small moment of bittersweet joy...

Then you're separated from your only friend and bullied at school.

When the woman you love dies...

... to save the son she gave to a man you hated.

When your boss charges you with caring for that stinkin' child forever...

The kid that reminds you, every day, that your only love is dead.

Some little busybody sets you ON ACTUAL FIRE...

... when you're trying to save the life of that bratty kid you hate. This is just one of a million irritating things that happen to you at the hands of that Potter jerk.

Your boss is crazy biased against your house.

Oh, and he sends you to infiltrate the dangerous inner circle of Lord Voldemort, eventually leading to your death.

That kid you hated all his damn life?

He names his kid after you so the whole horrible process has to start again.

Of course, Snape is not without his faults... but he gets a pretty rough deal! Do you think that Severus Snape has the hardest time of any character in Harry Potter?

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