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A True Villain

There's a recent article on the Paste Magazine website about who the true villain of the Jurassic Park movies are and whether [Jurassic World](movie:32752) will be breaking from that tradition. The Jurassic Park movies have always held a place in my mind as being spun-off from the old Frankenstein tale. The rampaging dinosaurs, like Frankenstein’s monster, aren't really the enemy - the real villain is us humans and the consequences of the movies are due to our hubris at trying to play God and meddle with things we shouldn't. And from what I’ve seen, Jurassic World is looking like it will be another lesson along those lines.

The Indominus Nature

True, the “killing for sport” nature of the Indominus Rex could be seen as the movie trying to make this new dinosaur the real villain of the picture, but it nonetheless is still Frankenstein’s monster (again, not evil nor a villain) - perhaps even more than Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs were. While the dinosaurs in the original trio of movies were all theoretically behaving like the dinosaurs their DNA tells them they are, the Indominus Rex is purely man’s creation and is only acting as it was programmed to do - which increases the amount blame towards the humans who designed it.

The New John Hammond

While the original character who dreamed a little dream about bringing dinosaurs back to Earth was a short-sighted yet cuddly little guy called John Hammond (Richard Attenborough, RIP) - this time we have Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire. While the Paste article claims that Howard’s Claire can’t be the villain, and true enough, she does represent that same short-sighted yet ultimately sympathetic character that Hammond was in the original movie.

Real Evil's Nature

I believe we’ll find our true villainous character in Vincent D’Onofrio’s character as the head of security for the park. And this isn’t me just guessing - Variety pretty much told us this. The actor is perfectly suited to villainous (he’ll also be emerging as Daredevil’s Kingpin soon) and I think he’ll come to be the kind of character that often shows up in these movies - the guy who puts everyone else in even more danger due to his boneheaded thinking and actions. He'll likely be that kind of character Paul Reiser was in Aliens - another movie franchise with an monster that maybe wouldn't have been such a problem if it weren't for that human intervention.

The Misunderstood Monster

So does transforming an “animal” into a “monster” inherently transform Jurassic World into something different in spirit than the previous films? I don’t think so since I disagree that a “monster” must have evil motives. An animal out in the woods or in the jungle systematically asserting its dominance over the other beasts isn’t evil. This is just as much part of its nature as what any other less dangerous animal does.

I think the true message of Jurassic World may be more along the lines of that warning you’ll find being represented all over today’s world when a new species is introduced to an ecosystem not prepared or designed for it and all hell breaks loose. It's the danger that comes when there isn’t a natural predator to keep this newly introduced species in check. You can't really blame the insect that is destroying miles upon miles of land - it's just doing what its DNA tells it to.


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