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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

"Have you heard the one about the guy who set himself alight and then jumped off a rooftop," could be the beginning of an incredible joke or a tale of incredible woe. Thankfully it's neither, and is just a Russian stuntman, seemingly on his day off who... got bored...?

The legend, who was unsurprisingly later arrested, fell a ridiculous 90ft from the top of a high rise and pulled off a landing Ezio Auditore would be proud of, and emerged from a mound of soft, powdered snow to applause from an adoring audience.

There are two clips of this madness: one from the viewpoint of the everyday civilians and one from the madman's gopro. I think I know which one will be your favorite...

Unfortunately, the video wasn't made available for posting. So here, take this GIF instead...

"Like the phoen-oh, OW, OW"
"Like the phoen-oh, OW, OW"

And here's the other perspective...

I dunno about you but my day looks positively pedestrian in comparison.

(Source: Максим Матвеев & Alexandr Chernikov via YouTube)


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