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Ahhhhh Disneyworld, The beacon for those who are avid Disney followers. From watching the classic films, to enjoying the sing-along versions as children (especially the Disneyland Episode), and spending your life savings on a plush Sven and Princess Dolls, Disney will forever be the Happiest and most MAGICAL place on Earth.

There is simply too much to do within a days work at Disney World. Pick and choose your battles and enjoy a day of fun-filled excitement. If you have extra day passes or you plan on coming back another year, keep those other attractions in mind. Disney has a lot to offer, and there is so much to see in so little time. Here are the Top Seven things one must do when they go to the Magic Kingdom!

*Side Note: Last summer I went to Disney World with one friend for four days. We came, we saw, and we conquered just about EVERYTHING in Disney. If you go in a smaller group, there is a stronger possibility that you will experience more.*


MAIN STREET U.S.A. is a glimpse of the past. The original architecture is designed to look like Walt Disney's Home Town. With old fashioned music, a train that whistles on cue, and stores up the wazoo, Main Street is a necessary location to shop for your most desired items. What I also love about Main Street are the store windows. If you look at each window there is always a story unfolding. For example, in one window of the first store on the left there use to be a Beauty and the Beast themed window. It was designed to look like the Ballroom. Belle and the the Beast are enjoying their most infamous dance while the characters observe from the sidelines. Make sure you take a look around and experience all of the stores.

*Main Street is also perfect to place to purchase some delectable ice cream from the corner parlor.*

*Main Street also becomes a center from the Stroller Derby in the early evening. At around 6:00 it is best to steer clear from this area. Parents are rolling their cranky, tired, and spoiled children out of the park. Find some other activities to do at this time.*

*Main Street is also a hot spot for the Light Parade. If you want to get a good seat, I suggest you claim your seat right after the fireworks shows. If not, the castle has some good areas you can stand and watch. Remember that after the parade people usually exit the park. Use that time to run to your favorite attraction once more. The queue will have died down by now.*

Snow White is Enjoying her time on Main Street USA
Snow White is Enjoying her time on Main Street USA


One of the oldest and most beloved attractions of all time is Walt Disney's The Haunted Mansion. Home to 999 Grim Grinning Ghosts, this ride has a lot to offer under five minutes. Filled with secrets, spooks, and mystery there is a surprise around every corner. Enter the room with the floating head and the instruments of the spirits beyond the grave, come face to face with the Killer Bride in the attic, and don't forget to celebrate the Days of the Dead with the Cemetery Ghouls. This is an incredibly fascinating adventure that will surely have you humming the tune well beyond your exit from the ride.

My friend and I literally went on this ride four times in one day. Something about the mystery is thrillifying. Also, it's important to know the history and the several bizarre instances. For example, a mother came to the ride to spread her sons ashes on the cemetery outside of the ride. Please... do not spread the ashes of your loved ones. Park operators will come over and simply vacuum up the remains. Your son will forever cease to exist in a garbage can.

Here is fun short that somebody made while in Disney World. It's quite a good scare. Enjoy... if you dare!

*You should not waste a Fast-pass on this ride. Normally it will say 40 Minutes at the Queue but it tends to move quite swiftly. Save your ticket for rides such as Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad*

So sit back in your Doooooom Buggy and let the ghosts guide you through the Mansion!


Over the past several years Disney has expanded itself by creating more dining experiences and attractions. The number one Dining Disney experience is the Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland. Just beyond Cinderella's Castle lies a small, grey palace surrounded by cliffs on all sides. Enter through the beautiful iron gates, cross the bridge, and wait while the doors to Beast's castle open before you. Outside of the palace there are several beautiful gargoyles protecting the main entrance. Above the wood-paneled door there is a stain glass window of the Prince transforming into the Beast.

As the doors open you are given a candelabra as a waiter brings your to your table. There are three rooms to choose from to enhance your dining experience. There is the Grand Ballroom, The West Wing, or the Portrait Gallery. After your meal, take a walk around the room. Watch as the snow fall from the Ballroom's window, take a peak at the Enchanted Rose and Mirror and also look at all of the hand crafted portraits in the gallery. This is a one of a kind dining experience that is both beautiful and delicious.

*You must also try the Grey Stuff. It's delicious. No exceptions.*

*It is VITAL you book a reservation here in advance. Space is limited and it fills up rather quickly.*


Another famous Disney World attraction is the one and only Splash Mountain. Filled with zany characters, a song that is stuck in your head forever, and water, this ride is sure to thrill all ages. Children will love the characters and adults will love the drop at the end of the ride. It's a win win for everyone! *Applause, applause*. I don't know what else there is to say about this ride, except you must ride it before you leave. It is a one of a kind experience that is very comedic and engaging. It lasts about seven minutes the entire way through so you don't have to do much moving. Just put your hands up in the air before you fall off of the cliff!

*Once again, I strongly advise you get a Fast Pass for this ride. The Queue will take forever. The line is also very deceiving. You think you are at the end, but then you turn another corner. Get that pass!*


Located in Tomorrowland, Space Mountain is an exhilarating- high speed roller coaster that brings you through time and space itself. The rider can either choose Alpha or Omega, each giving you a different experience in space. This ride is another classic that is a favorite amongst many park-goers.

I remember not liking it when I was younger, but going on it again this past summer my friend and I had a blast. It was rickety, it was outdated, and that is what makes this ride special. Don't worry about the safety hazards, it's a once in a lifetime experience. Take a chance and travel to a world beyond the stars!

*If Space mountain were actually a mountain, it would be the tallest in Florida!*

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo-Ho and a Bottle of Rum! Pirates of the Caribbean is the final ride Walt had worked on. Filled with racy pirates, battling ships, and pigs, this is a classic ride that tells the story of pirates invading a normal town. Technology has been updating this ride recently, but most things have remained the same. One of the most iconic Disney characters, Jack Sparrow, has made several appearances throughout the ride. Look for him hiding behind the hall, in a barrel, and enjoying his room of jewel. If there is one ride you can't miss, it's this one. There is something special about this attraction and the story it tells. It's old fashioned but it keeps attracting the public to this day. Become a pirate for a day and take a journey through the waters of Port Royal!


We have reached our final attraction in Disney World. If there is one song that everybody knows, it's the song that plays over 1,000 times a day at this very ride. It may be the song that has no ending, but it sure is catchy. This ride focuses on the cultures of the world and shows how everyone is connected from the corners of Egypt to the land of Australia. It's a special ride that is both annoying and beautiful. I suggest that you ride this first thing when you get to the park. It not you'll be waiting in line for ages while people around you sing the song.

It will forever be engrained in my head, but it will also remain forever in my heart.

It know it's Disneyland.. but it's the same thing.
It know it's Disneyland.. but it's the same thing.

Well there you have it... the Top Seven Priorities one must do when the go to the Magic Kingdom. There is still so much to see and so much to do, but I felt like each attraction on this list tells a story about how Disney World became the most magical place on Earth. If you are going to Disney tomorrow or in several years, experience as much as you can. There is simply nothing else like it.


"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight." To end your day perfectly. Go see WISHES. It's the greatest firework show. Don't ask questions. Don't argue. Just go see it.


The number one ride you should avoid at all times is Peter Pan's Flight. It is a somewhat boring ride that lasts about fifty seconds. The catcher... You have to wait in line for about fifty to seventy minutes. For some reason this is one of the biggest attractions in the park. Skip this one if you can. Maybe come back to it at the end of the day, but it is not worth the wait.

If you've seen this sign... you've seen it all.
If you've seen this sign... you've seen it all.

Thanks, everyone! LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!




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