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How bad do you want a Batman v Superman trailer?

We did not get the Batman v Superman trailer this week either and impatient fans are wondering, when will they finally see it?

Director Zack Snyder is certainly making us wait, isn't he? But honestly, the movie comes out more than a year from today in March of 2016, so it should be no surprise that NOTHING has been officially released.

There have been rumors since the end of last year, as to when the Batman v Superman's trailer would hit the internet, but nothing has panned out. The latest talk was that it would be attached to Jupiter Ascending, which clearly didn't happen.

It is no secret that fans of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), can't wait for a trailer from Snyder and Warner Bros. During filming, they were following the production's every move in Detroit and Chicago, but no sightings of Batfleck in his suit (Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne made an appearance several times). We did get a good look at Henry, soaring over the Chicago skyline and he looks amazing.

Henry Cavill as Superman over Chicago (Just Jared)
Henry Cavill as Superman over Chicago (Just Jared)

So in summary, no Batman v Superman trailer to speak of. We can only hope Snyder takes pity on us...soon! At least give us a poster for Pete's sake.


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