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Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself "y'know, this seems awfully familiar"? After all, there are a whole lot of movies out there, and a whole lot of them wear their influences very much on their sleeves. Guardians of the Galaxy knows full well that it's a descendant of Star Wars, much as Star Wars was basically just a mash-up of Akira Kurosawa films, Flash Gordon serials and WW2 action movies.

Some films, though, don't so much wear their influences on their sleeves as copy the entire sleeve design and hope no-one notices that it's identical.

And, as it turns out, one such movie - as Youtube's Couch Tomato has cunningly spotted - is a bonafide modern classic of superhero-ing awesomeness. On the plus side, though, the movie it's surprisingly similar too is pretty darned awesome too. It seems that...

Iron Man 3 and Lethal Weapon 2 Are Secretly the Same Movie

Yup, that's right - Iron Man 3 bears a suspicious and striking resemblance to Lethal Weapon 2. Which, on one level, isn't all that surprising, seeing as they were both written by the same guy - Shane Black.

All the same, though, the similarities are pretty unbelievable - as the video below shows...

My personal favorites?

The Heroes Are Both Suffering from PTSD

Though, in fairness, Tony Stark doesn't have a cute dog hanging around...

They Both Get Attacked by Multiple Helicopters

At which point...

Things Go Poorly for the Helicopters

I mean...duh - it's Riggs and Iron Man. But even so.

Both Movies' Villains Try to Drown the Hero

Ineffectively, mind you...

Riggs and Tony Have Strangely Similar Taste in Hats

Unless there's a plain blue hat store I don't know about...

Their Buddies Both End Up Saving Hostages

While the main leads get the glory...

Though They Then Prove Themselves to Be Great Shots

Though again, who didn't think Murtaugh and Rhodey were going to be awesome shots?

And, of Course, Mysterious Pieces of Paper from Earlier on Come Back to Help


Before a Secondary Lead Totally Saves the Day

Seriously? Pepper?

The point of which being? They're totally the same movie...but I'm also completely OK with that, because they're both awesome...

What do you guys think though? Are there any other movies that are suspiciously similar?



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