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We've been waiting decades for Wonder Woman's film, and its confirmed existence is testament to our constant shouting and whining about Warner Bros. lack of ever doing anything about it. But now that it's coming in 2017, what's to get excited about? What are the reasons that we wanted this film in the first place? What will make this film awesome?

1) Mythology

Wonder Woman fighting a Hydra
Wonder Woman fighting a Hydra

I love myself a little bit of Greek mythology, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in that regard. But good films on the subject of Greek mythology are few and far between. Hopefully Diana Prince can change all of that by giving us an insight into the vast and intriguing world of the Gods. It's an element that's often hit and miss; balance the expansive universe well with the story and you have the beginnings of a masterpiece but if you cram too much in it becomes a bit of a mess. While the DC take on this mythology isn't the exact same as the original (think Thor from [Marvel](channel:932254) kind of different) it's similar enough and what has been changed has been changed to allow the world to merge with the already established one. But please don't give us a watered down version of such a rich lore, we can handle it.

2) Something different

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Superhero films are in danger of getting stale over the next few years. Not because there's too many or because the genre is tired, but because something new needs to be attempted, the boundaries need to keep getting pushed. And Wonder Woman is an opportunity to do that. Gal Gadot playing feminist Demi-God (in this iteration) who lives on an island of female super-soldiers that's invisible to "man's world". That's something new and interesting that no-one's ever done before. It can provide a different tone than [Man of Steel](movie:15593), or the Marvel films, and if the rumors about it being set pre-WWII are true then all the better.

3) A Female Icon

We've not had many superhero films with a woman lead, and the majority of them have been pretty poor. But this is our chance to change that, to give female superheroes a new reputation to the wider world. Diana Prince has been kicking ass and fronting some incredible stories since the 1940's and is still going strong in the comics today, maybe even stronger than ever with her New 52 revamp. So with such a gargantuan mythos to pull from, it's pretty much criminal if this film isn't good, and there's so much riding on it. See, it's impossible to adapt Wonder Woman and not touch on the clear feminism, and that's a good thing. Because we need a film that tackles the issues of the industries misogyny head on rather than one that skirts around the issue, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. It's part of the point of this character that she ends up in our world and exposes the sexism in the culture, and we won't mind a film that confronts us on it. I mean, someone has to confront us on it. If this opportunity isn't taken to make a statement about our culture, then we'll never have such a good chance as this, and if the opportunity is taken, it allows this film to transcend above it's genre tropes by actually having a potent, relevant message that it takes a stance on.

4) The villain(s)

It may come as a surprise to many people that [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) has, in my humble opinion, one of the very best rogues galleries in the DC universe after Batman. Whether we see Ares, Cheetah, Medousa, Silver Swan or Circe; our antagonist will have the potential to be engaging, dastardly, diabolical or all of the above. It's time we gave all of these B and C-list characters some spotlight, because when you get past any corny first impressions, the world and characters built around Wonder Woman are intriguing, compelling and fascinating. We as an audience love the absurd, so don't shy away from showing us the crazy and even whacky elements of this mythos. If it's worked in the comics, then it can - with some tweaks - work on film. Utilizing characters like this works to he filmmakers' advantage as they have more liberty to rework the characters to be screen-ready without a public outcry, so go wild with them, just make sure you don't water them down, because then you lose all the fun.

5) Diana Prince

Wonder Woman is a household name to the majority of the Western world. But Diana Prince? Not so much. At least not to the level of Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker. Which is a shame because her character is just as interesting as any of them. A princess of her Amazonian warrior people and ambassador to "mans world" she's a fighter, an incredible military strategist as well as a trained leader. But what really sets Diana apart from every other character is her heart. Despite her often tough-as-nails exterior, she really does care for every individual, and feels responsible for their safety as a result of being raised a princess. But despite her distaste for the world's treatment of women, she manages to get over her reservations and help everyone she possibly can out of a sense of duty and care. So let's not lose that when Gal Gadot plays her in the film and dumb her down to simply another tough chick, because her character stands for so much more than that.

Wrapping Up...

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