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If you've been living under a rock, you may be unaware that [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) comes out this Valentine's Day weekend. Whether or not you and your boo decide to go see it, you will probably hear people talking about it and it will assuredly put up big numbers in the box office.

It didn't even take those actualized numbers, though, for the next two movies to officially get announced. Last Friday morning (Feb 6), Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, director Sam Taylor-Johnson, and author E.L. James announced Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were in the works at New York’s Zeigfeld Theatre for the “Fifty Shades First” fan screening event.

I guess it shouldn't really come as much of a surprise that they would finish out the trilogy. However, they made this announcement without any tangible results from the first film. They're basically saying that there is already enough fan-fare surrounding the first film to confirm the next two.

Will they even be able to keep the same cast together?

There are rumors that the two leads absolutely can't stand eachother, and at the very least might not have the kind of chemistry necessary to sustain an entire trilogy. Imagine if the Harry Potter cast had had drama during their eight movie stint? Nevermind, that would be impossible - don't imagine it. They're perfect.

I mean, just look at them:

But I digress...

I mean, just watch this awkward-ass video, please, and tell me if you think that this will work TWICE more!

But of course money talks, so let's just assume everybody is cool with each other and the entire cast comes back around for a second and third dip into the well that is Fifty Shades. I mean, the facts speak for themselves. We already know that according to Vanity Fair, Fifty Shades of Grey was the fastest-selling advance ticket for an R-rated movie in Fandango's history.

We are still left with a few casting questions.

Who will play Jack Hyde?

I think I would be pretty into the idea of [Peaky Blinders](series:1241450) star Cillian Murphy taking the role as Commissioning Editor at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP), Jack Hyde, from the next two books. He's got a mesmerizing look to him, and he fits the description - I also think he's capable of taking on a somewhat villainous role, as we saw he can be pretty a-holey in Peaky Blinders (A Netflix show you need to check out if you haven't already... seriously).

Will Kendall Jenner have a small supporting role?

The Kardashian/Jenner family being connected to the hype machine that is Fifty Shades of Grey would almost be a match made in heaven. In fact, Kim just threw a party surrounding the movie. So, while this hasn't been confirmed, Glamour UK reported that director Sam Taylor-Johnson is borderline obsessed with Jenner and the family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Maybe she could play a small role, perhaps as Leila, one of Grey's past lovers.

Grey Matters

The bottom line is that no matter whether you think this is a franchise worth caring about or whether you think it sucks, you have to admit that it's buzz-worthy. The buzz is so strong that it means two new projects get greenlit before we even find out if the first one is any good.

We're talking about it. It's polarizing. That's why it's so popular. Everyone has an opinion on this franchise and I think that's worth something.


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