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As any fan knows, the 70's was a great decade for horror. Horror films were starting to get bloodier and it was great. Some of my favourite films came out of the 70's so I decided to make a quick top 5 list of my favourites. Lets begin.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Needless to say, this film is a masterpiece. One of the first of the slasher genre and still one of the best. This Tobe Hooper classic has an amazing gritty feel to it. I've heard multiple people say they wanted to take a shower after watching this film. Marilyn Beck said " did for meat-eating what Hitchcock did for shower taking." Which is funny cause Psycho had the same inspiration that Texas Chainsaw Massacre did.

Although when it was released it was advertised as a "true story," this is only barely true. It was actually inspired by real life killer and grave robber Ed Gein who lived in Wisconsin, not Texas, and as far as I know never killed anyone with a chainsaw. Regardless of that, this is a really great film and an important part of 70's horror.

Oh yeah, and Nubbins rules!

4. Sisters (1973)

I feel like this film should be way more popular than it is. Written by Brain De Palma, it stars Margot Kidder who is probably my favourite female actor of the 70's. I can't say much about this film because I don't wish to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen. All I can say is that it is a great film and is definitely worth your time.

3. Black Christmas (1974)

This is by far my favourite Christmas film of all time. I watch it every year on Christmas. It, like number 4, stars the beautiful and talented Margot Kidder. This one has a very simple plot. Just a psycho stalking and murdering girls in a sorority house. As simple as the plot is, it still works very well. It also has one of the most memorable kill scenes in horror and it is my favourite suffocation scene in a film. The film also stars the legend John Saxon. Also the ending is one of the most satisfyingly unsatisfying endings ever.

2. The Exorcist (1973)

It should be no surprise to anyone that this film made the list. This film was probably the most important horror film of the decade and one of the most important horror films ever. I'll never forget the first time I watched it. My mother wouldn't allow me to see it which made it just that much more fun to sneak. It's one of the most disturbing films I've seen. It has the beautifully disturbing scenes (crucifix scene) and is no doubt a masterpiece! It's also the closest book to film adaptation I've ever seen. The book and the film are almost identical. The reason for this is because the author of the book also wrote the screenplay, which I think is awesome and would like to see happen more often.

1. Suspiria (1977)

This film is done by genius Italian director Dario Argento. Everything goes together perfectly in this film. The colour, the music, the lights, and everything. This is the most visually beautiful Argento film I've seen. The blood is a great bright, glowing red that is wonderful to look at. The soundtrack by Goblin is one of the most important elements of the film. The gore is great and actress Jessica Harper has a very soothing voice that provides a small bit of comfort in a dark film.

Well that's my short list. Let me know what you think below.


Which is your favourite 70's horror flick?


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