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Full disclosure: I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead, psychological thrillers, and anything to do with cults. If you're anything like me—and c'mon, who doesn't want more Mary Elizabeth Winstead in their lives?—then you're going to want to check out this trailer for upcoming brainwashing flick, [Faults](movie:1028742).

The movie comes from director Riley Stearns (also known as Mr. Winstead) and the producers of The Guest and You're Next, but it's also looking like a totally original take on the subject matter. For starters, this is not your typical slash-and-go horror film. Think a more playfully violent version Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene and less the terror-inducing The Wicker Man (the original), and that should give you an accurate idea of the tone.

Claire (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is caught in the clutches of a manipulative cult called Faults, and her parents summon an expert Ansel Roth (Leland Orser) to save her from her own damaged mind. However, Roth may not be as strong as he seems, and the trailer quickly goes into a realm of unpredictability that makes me want to see this movie as soon as it hits theaters on March 6th. Check out our first look here:

Here's how the trailer plays out:

Ansel Roth is an authority on mind control and cult organizations

But he's having a lot of trouble gaining credibility from the public.

In fact, audiences really hate him

Some even kick him in the ribs while screaming, "I hope you die!"

One family implores him to rescue their daughter Claire from a cult

And they agree to a risky plan to have Claire fake-kidnapped to start the deprogramming process.

The cult "Faults" has convinced Claire of some bizarre beliefs

Including the idea that she found the Lord and made love to him.

Ansel and his team abduct Claire (for her own good)

Apparently, step one in cleansing those kooky cult ideas is to terrify your subject with ski masks and duct tape.

But Claire proves to be an extremely difficult nut to crack

Countering all of Ansel's efforts with both religious zeal and a strange rationality (plus a little yelling).

Ansel needs to deprogram Claire before the cult discovers her location

But it looks like he may get too wrapped up in Claire to complete his own mission.

Overall, I gotta say this trailer establishes an inventive and potentially hilarious tone for Faults . I sometimes find myself avoiding the comedy/thrillers for fear that they won't strike the right balance, but, if this quick preview is a true indication, then I think this is weird and unexpected enough to work. As a fan of [You're Next](movie:908894) and anything to do with cults, I'm keeping my eye out on this one. Plus, and I can't reiterate this enough, it's Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It's a no brainer.

Will you be joining me for Claire's deprogramming?


Do you enjoy movies that tow the line between funny and creepy?


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