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The next point on the map for Battleworld is labeled KING JAMES ENGLAND. According to most of those speculating out there this refers to a series written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Andy Kubert. This world is officially Earth 311; where a Steve Rogers from a dystopian future found himself thrust back into the past' 1602 to be specific. His arrival into the past changed everything and caused super powers to surface much sooner. This is one of the series that I have not read. I didn't like the concept, but it has its merit and the talent that brought it to life is two of the best at what they do.

But why bring this odd time piece to Battleworld? Is this just going to be an homage to a great work of art? There isn't any artwork released as of yet showing a series for King James England. Now this universe's version of Daredevil, one Matthew Murdock, has been seen on some of the Secret War montage artwork (Seen below) and can be seen just below Superior Iron man.

Whatever they're up to, there are several interesting characters to draw from. Not sure why they would keep any of these in present time, but Marvel's done weirder things.

The main possibility for survival is the one who showed up on the artwork. Matthew Murdock (pictured below), the blind minstrel, 'moonlights' as a special agent in this strange rewrite of history. He achieved his heightened senses during a past encounter with an 'unknown substance'.

Him showing up on the artwork doesn't mean a thing really. But I really can't see them making any of these period pieces a regular part of Earth 616.

This worlds version of the X-men would be interesting, but, really, that's all we need; another time lost set of the original X-Men! Haven't the set we already have disrupted things enough?

Or maybe Carlos Javier, the Spanish headmaster of the COLLEGE FOR THE SONS OF GENTILEFOLK which was a cover for his 'witchbreed'; the 1600s term for Mutant.

And what alternate reality would be right without a variant Spider-man. Too bad this particular spider has already bit the big one in the SPIDERVERSE event.

There are some cool steampunkish versions of some of Marvels most sinister villains: DOOM and MAGNETO

In the end, we find that this alternate reality is due to a wayward Steve Rogers exiled from a different future and only by sending him back through the rift can the world be saved. They do this through a bit of trickery and DO save their world, but the energies effect this worlds Banner; turning him into a grey hulking monster (who saw that coming?).

This series spawned three sequels.

The first saw the introduction of Lord Iron and Captain Ross who came to hunt down the Banner monster. They fought against the Spider and Virginia Dare. 'Master Osborn' also was debuted.


The second sequel centered around the first family of Marvel,


And the final sequel starred the ever popular SPIDER along with this world's versions of Doc Ock, the Lizard, Mary Jane, the Kingpin and Bullseye.

The 1602 version of the Kingpin
The 1602 version of the Kingpin
A real H.P. Lovecraft version of Doctor Octopus
A real H.P. Lovecraft version of Doctor Octopus

Lots of interesting choices; I just don't see any of them being that interesting to see out side of their given world (Earth 311).

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