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The Voices is a psychotically good time. The plot revolves around Jerry (played with excellent precision by Ryan Reynolds), a seemingly normal guy working at a toilet manufacturer in the shipping department. He is trying to live a normal life… except he is mentally unstable, stopped taking the meds he was prescribed which allows him to talk to his pets (and they talk back) and he essentially goes on a killing spree… reluctantly.

His dog and his cat are voiced by Reynolds as well, and they are two very different pets. His dog is very lovable, charming and has a deep and wise voice, while his cat is a maniacal fur ball who keeps trying to convince Jerry to do some bad things (Jerry caves in a lot).

The cat provided some of the best comedic scenes I’ve seen in a long time, and the way he abused Jerry (verbally) was comedic gold. Everything from his accent to the way he acted and what he said was hilarious, and there was a streak where he was talking to Jerry and I was holding my gut while laughing hysterically. Definitely a great comedic character.

One interesting aspect of this film is that even though it tries to stay light-hearted most of the time, it goes to some really dark places, especially when delving into his past and how he turned out the way he did. This film makes us relate and care for a serial killer so… good job… I guess.

This is the type of film that will bust your guts, but while you’re doubled over laughing, you will begin to question your sanity because of the relative darkness of the scenes you are laughing at. There were numerous times throughout the film in which I was laughing hysterically before realizing what I was laughing at which sobered me up.

Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick also star as Jerry’s coworkers, and Arterton is actually Jerry’s first victim (which we saw in the trailers). She also provides some comedic scenes as a talking head in his fridge. They are good in the film, but I feel like anybody could have played Kendrick’s part, and it wouldn’t have detracted from the film. Arterton however was firing on all cylinders, and her best scenes are just as the head in the fridge that Jerry occasionally talks to.

Overall, this was a sadistic, psychotic, and overall, fun film. Parts will definitely make you question your sanity, and delving into his past might put a tear in your eyes and allow you to sympathize with a serial killer, but that seems like the point of the film. The filmmakers created a twisted, mentally unstable, lovable protagonist that we connected with, even though we shouldn’t have.


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