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I just view an post on horror movies now an days and it was horrible so here mine.

Things wrong with horror movies

  • #1 They don't give you an scared at all or there not even really an horror movie
  • #2 Now an days they just go boo when you try to scared them
  • #3 You see it coming, maybe cause you watch a lot of horror movies or you can clearly see them behind the person
  • #4 The special effects suck
  • #5 The acting is horrible
  • #6 It the same thing over and over like same movie sometimes it ok to make an second one or third one but to keep coming up with things that wont make sense

How can they fix this?

  • #1 Don't label an horror movie an thriller and call it an horror movie.
  • #2 Go were horror hasn't gone before invented new horror scaring tactics.
  • #3 Don't make it obvious your about to scare us.
  • #4 Learn from James Cameron on how to do special effects and 3D stuff, when i seen avatar it made me think it was real life.
  • #5 Hire better actors than people off the streets.
  • #6 Come up with something new, come up with new horror icons and stop living in the past and come out your comfort zone.


Do you agree?


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