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Now everyone who reads this article knows that the Reverse-Flash has already been revealed on the Flash. Spoiler Alert: It's Harrison Wells. However, that doesn't mean that he killed Barry's mother. In fact I still think that Eddie Thawne is the culprit. I know what you're thinking, "But Justin, Wells is the Reverse-Flash. He did it!" Well I'm about to explain to you exactly why he didn't.

First, let's take a trip to the comics. Four characters have been dubbed the Reverse-Flash and there is also a Reverse-Impulse known as Inertia. The first is a Golden Age villain of Jay Garrick and the last is a New 52 addition that we won't concern ourselves with. Instead we will focus on Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon. To avoid even more confusion about the characters, Thawne is usually referred to as Professor Zoom and Zolomon is known as Zoom. Now, in the comics, it is Thawne that kills Barry's mother. In fact, Zolomon isn't even Barry's villain but is instead the villain of his nephew, Wally West. But, seeing as the show isn't particularly following the comics there is some room to work with.

Not sure if their suits are better than the heroes'
Not sure if their suits are better than the heroes'

So we know that Wells is the Reverse-Flash, which makes it seem that he is the one that kills Barry's mother. But after this week's episode, I am beginning to doubt that Wells is not Thawne but is instead Zolomon. What he tells General Eiling after he kidnaps him is not something that Thawne would say. "Yes I'm one of them and we look out for each other." (Quote from Harrison Wells after General Wade Eiling finds out he is a Metahuman.) This is something that a team player such as Hunter Zolomon would say. But how do we prove it?

Well, like this. Barry Allen will continue to be [The Flash](series:1068303) and eventually he will find out that Wells is Zoom and he will think that he killed his mother. Wells will take the fall for it as long as Barry does not reveal to the public. Barry needs Wells to be convicted as being guilty in order to get his father out so he refuses. Wells is arrested and Barry's father is freed. Iris, Joe and Eddie Thawne go out to eat with Barry and his father to celebrate. While out Eddie starts acting strangely. He brushes it off as not feeling well but after dinner he doesn't go home with Iris and instead drives to see Harrison Wells. Wells questions what he is doing here and Eddie tells him that he knows Wells did something to him. Harrison claims to not know what he is talking about but then Eddie opens the cell and punches Wells. The contact then opens Eddie mind. He smiles evilly at Wells and then uses his super speed to leave.

With his cell still open, Wells rushes off to Barry at Star Labs. Barry is outraged to see his escape but Wells asks him to listen to him. He then reveals to Barry that he did not kill his mother but that it was Eddie. He goes on to tell him that both he and Eddie are from the future and that in that future, a man from and even further future is the Flash's main foe. That man is named Eobard Thawne but is known as Professor Zoom. One day while fighting Professor Zoom, the Flash disappears and isn't seen again. Wells, being a friend to the Flash (and his nephew Wally) and knowing his secret identity, tries to figure out what happened. To do this, he must harness the powers of the Flash and succeeds. Then he and his wife go back in time. She does not make the journey and dies, but Harrison makes it and when he goes to Barry's house, he is too late. Professor Zoom has killed Barry's mother and now he and Barry are racing through the city in a fight to the death. Wells tries to help Barry but is too late and Thawne kills him. Knowing that he can't face him alone, Wells sneak attacks Professor Zoom and uses his speed to scramble his memory. Then he places him in the timestream so that he won't appear again. Then he gets to work trying to create an alliance of metahumans so that if Thawne tries to come back to find him they can defeat and he creates many of the current foes of the Flash, one of them being Grodd.

After shutting down most of his work after Eiling's interference, Wells runs the civilian laboratory. Then one day he see Thawne who believes his name is Eddie. Then he realizes that they are going to need the Flash soon and remembers how Flash was created in his timestream and starts to work on the particle accelerator that will recreate the conditions that created the Flash.

He then tells Barry that Thawne has escaped and that he didn't want to be made public or reveal this earlier because Thawne would've gotten his memory back and that is what has happened.

Then, ideally this would lead to a Rogues War story arc, which an article for a different time. (Coming soon!!)

How about YES!
How about YES!

What do you think of my theory? Does this hold up? Can it work? Let me know below!


Is Wells Zoom or Professor Zoom?


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