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DC Comics has recently announced that they're devoting February to the Clown Princess of Crime herself, Harley Quinn! What better way to celebrate the month of love with the loveable Harley Quinn!

What's the big deal?

I'll tell you what's the big deal, not only is DC Comics celebrating the month of February with new Harley Quinn merchandise and giveaways, but DC Comics has announced that they are publishing 22 Variant Covers across the entire DC Comics books line featuring our girl Harley! You heard me correctly, 22 Covers!

Here are some of my top picks of the new Harley Quinn Variant Covers:

You can check out the rest of the covers on DC Comic's website. Click here to see more cover artwork!

Pick up Harley's Valentine Comic Special!

Harley Quinn's Valentine Day Special #1 is on sale today! It stars Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn. You can buy it on stands or Click Here to purchase it digitally exclusively through

Get to know Harley!

You can now follow your favorite insanely-adorable criminal on Facebook!. Follow her for news, sneak peeks, and preview her merchandise. Click here to go to Harley's official Facebook page!

Nab some new Harley Quinn Merch!

Hot Topic has got all of the Harley Quinn merchandise you need! Click Here to check it out!


Are you celebrating the month of love with Harley Quinn?


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