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Rocket Power came out in the late 90s, and gave us a cool reason to get off our asses. So, we could be skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wave boarding, dirt bike riding, four wheelin'--jesus, how many extreme sports did they play? One of the memorable aspects of the show besides the slang, characters, and extreme sports were its quirkier scenes. There are some who dismiss the series as any ol' Nickelodeon show, but ignored its exceptional use of random humor.

7. Giant Monkeys?

In "Otto's Big Break", the gang are trying to come up with a plausible lie to tell Otto about the hockey game getting canceled. One of the suggestions comes from Sam. "No, it's gotta be believable. Like, "Global Warming Has Caused Giant Monkeys To Overtake Ocean Shores." Twister promptly wigs out, and runs away, (with a monkey shouting in the background). Later in the episode, a couple mere mentions of the word "monkeys" gets him going, until the end when there's a giant inflatable monkey (ape to be exact) at a dealership which sends him running again.

6. That's the Spirit!

The Slender Man of tuxedo, and top hat clad men. This magician would spontaneously show up, and jest "that's the spirit" (even if it wasn't appropriate) to people. Such as when Mackenzie threatened to give Sam a big fat lip, or encouraging the gang to build a sand castle in a competition. (Yeah, this guy has a lot of free time)

5. Officer Shirley

Officer Shirley was almost like a second mom to Reggie, and Otto. If they were in trouble she was there to help, and discipline them. But, throughout the series things were always "interesting" between Ray, and Shirley. Having reportedly known each other since the 70s, they'd call one another pet names, and flirt with each other. As a kid I was confused, but as an adult I'm appalled at all the dirty situations my mind conjures of what might have happened between the two.

4. Coolarooni

While usually sensible, and serious, Ray could spout some phrases that'd make you wonder if he ever got blown back in those days. (But, being a surfer from the 70s he most likely did.) One of his most notable being his creation of the word "coolarooni". Throughout the episode, while the kids are trying to come up with some inventive slang Ray keeps trying to make Coolarooni happen, but it simply won't happen. No matter how many times he oddly enunciates it.

3. This Place Stinks on Ice!

Birth control on two legs. Mackenzie had a habit of ruining everyone's day, being a whiny brat, and proclaiming a place stinks on ice. With the exception of one or two episodes, her appearances were completely sporatic. The Rocket crew could be having a pleasant day at the beach, and over the horizon they'd see a set of red pig tails bouncing their way over, and realize "holy f****** shit, it's Mackenzie!" Admittedly, her outbursts and instances of inhuman strength were pretty hilarious.

2. Fish Taco

If you work in the food industry, you learn pretty quickly that a fraction of your day is spent dealing with morons. And this encounter is no different. An oblivious customer is asking about the Shore Shack's "fish taco", asking what's in it, what's pico de gallo, and if that taco is indeed in the shape of a fish. In the end, he actually wanted a cheeseburger.

1. There's Sand in the Potato Salad

Little explanation needed, a beach goer picked up sand with his feet and it slid into their potato salad. Even years after the series ended, whenever I saw potato salad this quote instantly came into mind. Oh, the humanity!


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