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Hey i'm Andy i love to write about Movie's, Games and TV Shows my favorite superhero is Iron Man and The Flash .
Andy Emini

We are never to old for DISNEY , we see the movies and we love them , why not love them in the first place they are funny , and you learn a lot from them but lets skip the learning part and continue to the funny part . I will show you now some awesome Disney characters that live the "YOLO" life . YOLO means " You Only Live Once " so lets begin ...

Remember The Lion King

He told him do not go there , but did he listen ?? ... YOLO

What about Finding Nemo

He touched the butt !!!

and next we have ...

The Beauty and the Beast


This realy made me laugh ! What do you think ?

You only live once Scar

Hes having a blast , he killed his brother he became king and hes Happy :P hahaha !!! ...


You can make it mcqueen GO GO GO

So these are just some of the YOLO moments in Disney i hope you enjoyed the article and made you SMILE more ...


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