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Hello There, My Name is Joseph Turton. This is My first Movie pilot review, I currently run a small you tube channel "Top 5 productions" and today Id like to take this opportunity to say and the following "FAR CRY 4 IS NOT A GOOD GAME"

Now before you go nuts please read on and these points will make you think why they messed up big time....


Farcry 4 from the intro to the end feels like a DLC of Farcry 3. The Royal Army looks like they took the Pirates of Farcry 3 and gave them a paint job. The bland repetitive terrain of another hill and then another hill with a river between gets old real quick.

The Map editor is awful. Yes it can handle a few more AI. But it lacks the themes of Farcry 3, It lacks alot of features in the main game. The bland buildings are terrible and overused.

There isnt the right kit to create authentic mountainous maps, Also in the main game there is the sense that they have literally taken Farcry 3 and given it an upgrade. What actual new features are there but well...Thats a point we will get too.


The Golden path? In a civil war that is not a good name. How about "The Kyrat Liberation Army? But no the Golden path? They are yet again exactly the same as the Rakyat but instead use the colour Yellow. They are rushed with only two main characters who are both bland and annoying.

They are not a capable or even likable group. Name one Golden path member apart from Hurk you even liked?


The map size is ok, But it is repetitive and not exactly fully free roam. Shangrai-la is yet again a repeat of the strange mission from Far Cry 3. The Himalayas was the only part of the map I found remotely interesting. The Fortresses look like outposts with a giant wall around them. The outposts have no challenge and like the rest of the map are...well easy and boring.

The only interesting parts of the map would be the Northen parts of Kyrat where it looks like some time has been spent on the development.


The Grappling Hook, A few new weapons, A few new vehicles and the ability to kick things....NOT A LOT. The leap from Farcry 2 to Farcry 3 was amazing. However Farcry 3 to Farcry 4 is not a leap. Now some may think "I love the formula" however If I was making this Game I would have created it soley in the mountains with a minor in the high forest.

It has the same formula which has gotten pretty old "Go here=Kill them,Climb tower,Buy ammo". Its not hard to make new features. I can name six right now..

1. In Outposts have tougher military encampments. With checkpoints scattered in the controlled area.

2. The Royal Army can place scrambler towers which block the map we use. They can be disabled.

3. The Royal Army sends out a sizeable force to reclaim ground, And can set up scout camps before an assault. so the longer you leave it the more troops,vehicles and artillery you will have to contend with.

4. You can command troops sending them to outposts instead of doing everything yourself.

5. Improve your army, New vehicles, Propaganda and weapons for the troops.

6. There are different outposts, For example attacking the Airfield in one province will disable air response for the region. Or attacking the ammo compound will result in no artilery and lower grade weaponry.

See I did it!

5. so what is going on?

UBISOFT Released this game for the same reason as AC unity and AC Revalations....TO MAKE MONEY. They rush to release a game so it will generate some money at the time they want it. Look at the time gap between Farcry 2 and Farcry 3...And it was a good game. Look at the time gap between Far Cry 3 and Farcry 4... The same.

They knew the next gen consoles needed a new game. So they rehashed Far Cry 3 for next gen, Its a reboot.

Thanks for reading, Check out Top 5 productions, if you got the time. Also let me know your opinions on this...

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