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The survivors in horror films tend to be female for the most part. Over the years there have been many great horror heroines. So here is a top 10 list of my favourites. This is longer than my usual top 5 list because I just had too many great choices. Let's get started, shall we?

10. Marti Gaines (Hell Night)

Played by Linda Blair who is most commonly known for playing the lead role in The Exorcist. This is one of her less popular flims even though it's a very good one. The plot is that a few college kids have to stay in a supposedly haunted mansion over night as a dare. But as you probably expect, a killer starts killing them off and they have to find a way out. Not a very compelling plot but still a great film.

9. Rosemary Woodhouse (Rosemary's Baby)

Played by Mia Farrow, Rosemary is an expecting mother that starts to believe that the people around her a witches and are planning on taking her baby to use in some ritual. This is a great horror film that doesn't rely on death scenes and gore in order to be scary.

8. Laurie Strode (Halloween)

Laurie is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who is probably the most popular Scream Queen of all. In this film she is stalked by white masked Micheal Myers while babysitting, but you probably already knew that. Laurie ends up putting up a decent fight and deserves a spot on this list. Most people probably would have put her higher on the list but as great as she is, there are a few I like just a little more.

7. Laine Morris (Ouija)

Laine is played by the enchanting Olivia Cooke, who is my favourite female actor of today. Although this film isn't the greatest film, it is still a very good watch and I had to include her on the list just because I adore Olivia Cooke.

6. Jennifer Corvino (Phenomena)

Played by Jennifer Connelly in this great Dario Argento film. This is a great film just like every Argento film I've seen is. In this film Jennifer has the ability to communicate with insects. This film will not disappoint and has a great ending.

5. Jamie Llyod (Halloween 4)

Played by the very talented Danielle Harris at a young age. Jamie is the daughter of Laurie Strode, who took the 8th spot on this list. Danielle has gone on to star in many horror films including the 2007 remake of Halloween, Hatchet 2 and 3, and Shiver. She is one of my favorite actors of today and this character is what made me love her.

4. Nancy Thompson (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

This is the leading lady in the first of my favorite horror franchise. She is one of the best heroines in the horror genre and has a special place in all A Nightmare On Elm Street fan's hearts.

3. Betty (Opera)

Another great film by Dario Argento. This girl is played by Cristina Marsillach. This has the best gore of any Argento film I've seen to date and is certainly worth checking out.

2. Erin (You're Next)

This girl, played by Sharni Vinson, is the biggest ass-kicker on this list. She is not your typical horror bimbo that runs through the woods screaming and trips over nothing. She puts up one hell of a fight! This film is unique cause the heroine really kicks more ass than the killers. Anyway, this girl is a force to be reckoned with and if you haven't seen this film you should definitely do so.

1. Suzy Bannion (Suspira)

Played by Jessica Harper. This is probably my favorite Argento film. If you read any of my posts you will know this because Suspiria tends to be very common on my Top 5 (sometimes 10) list. This is a beautiful and trippy film and if you haven't seen it then go watch it...NOW!

Well that was another one of my boring, badly written post. Anyway if you survived it, please let me know what you think below.


Who is your favourite horror heroine?


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