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With the new year upon us, and Valentine's Day quickly approaching (which for many will be a day of romance, cuddling and togetherness, but for myself, will be full of romance, cuddling, cookies, terror and gore), I believe it's time to take a glimpse into the ratings of some of the biggest horror films of 2014 (not all 2014 horror films will be discussed, just some really big ones :D), if you need to catch up in this new year.

Ratings will come from Rotten Tomatoes, one of the most trusted places for movie reviews. I'll try not to throw too much of my own opinion in there.

Tusk has gotten a TON of reviews, mostly that it was sick, twisted, weird, and kind of funny. It got a 39%, not such a good look, but it features my man Johnny Depp, so I think I'm a little biased. However, if you're into body horror, this just may be a good film for you.

Horns is another film that's been blowing up social media for it's strong showcasing of Daniel Radcliffe. His performance was outstanding, and I was yelling at the screen for most of the film, not because I didn't enjoy it, but because everyone was being rude to poor Ig, who's just trying to figure his life out. This one got a 41% (I'm surprised).

The Babadook is one that I stand behind completely. Visually beautiful and a story that was pretty terrifying, this one earned a special spot in my heart. This one earned itself a 97%, and it's totally deserved. As Rotten Tomatoes' critics state, "The Babadook relies on real horror rather than cheap jump scares,". Thumbs up, Babadook.

The Purge: Anarchy isn't necessarily what I'd consider horror, I see it as more of an action film, but that's the genre it's been thrown in. This one earned itself a 56% for its moments of anxious, suspense-ridden scenes, and also creepy masks.

As Above So Below was the film I watched most recently. With a lack of an ending, I was completely underwhelmed. This one got a 27%, understandably, as it builds itself up to what could have been an awesome story, but plummets into a boring, lifeless cliche.

And the final film I'll be writing about:

Annabelle, the prequel to The Conjuring, was one of the most anticipated horror films of 2014. With such success in the release of The Conjuring, people expected this one to be just as creepy and disturbing. This one received a 29% rating, and personally, with only one scene that really made me feel scared, this one was deserved. Rotten Tomatoes says, "Annabelle borrows unabashedly from better horror films, content to leave viewers with a string of cheap jolts that fail to build on the far more effective The Conjuring." Agreed.

What did you guys think of 2014's horror films? Were there any that should have made the list?

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