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So last night, us viewers, dove straight into the beginning of how Saul Goodman came into existence. For starters, Saul's real name is James M. McGill and he is trying to establish his own law firm to follow in his fathers footsteps. Unfortunately, the easy going man is struggling. We first see him in a mall working at a Cinnabon in some type of disguise. Now, if you had watched the series [Breaking Bad](series:200567), you'd know that he fled Albuquerque in fear for his life, naturally, the man we saw was him in hiding. He popped in a tape of his old commercials from back in the day and instantly we are transported back in time to see how it all had lead to this point, to his desperation and loneliness.

When [Better Call Saul](series:1028213) begins, James is clearly struggling to make ends meet. We quickly learn that from a few key hints. He drives a beater, he has no official office, no clients, a sick father to care for who's in denial about his sickness, and crippling debt. He becomes smart and tries to con his way into money after trying to be a public defender and running into Mike. Yes, Mike Ehrmantraut (he works for the court house as security on the way out of the premises). James is desperate for control of life and he seems to be losing that battle because he depends on the choices of others. He's competing for business with his father's law firm Hamlin & McGill. Sadly, his father tells him to change his name and even I could feel that all the way from my seat. He tries to blackmail a prospective client's wife who is involved in a hit and run. At the end of the first episode we see a quick appearance by none other than Tuco Salamanca. Oh man, Oh man. I'm sure tonight's episode will be action packed. Maybe we'll see him transform into Saul Goodman?

All I know for sure is that this series seems promising. It's started off to good start and more good things are soon to follow.


Do You think Better Call Saul is going to be as good as Breaking bad?


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