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So I love horror shorts I am a sucker for them so when I saw this gif I had to find what the source was. And boy am I glad I did

This short was made by Fewdio and directed by DREW DAYWALT. and if there other shorts are as good as this i can not wait to watch them.

To start off with This is one of the best shorts I have seen so far. Clocking in at 2:47 this horror short packs a creepy punch. Its starts of basic a woman in bed starts to hear a phone ring it is her husbands/boyfriends cell phone she starts to tell her husband next to her to pick it up and starts pushing him a little. Well when that dosent work she reaches over and picks it up and guess who is on the phone . You guessed it her husband and he is explaining how he locked himself out and needs her to open the door. Than the above gif happens. Its short and creepy and packs a punch not every one might agree but definitely check it out on you tube.

I will be doing some reviews on horror shorts I find and I have seen some gifs lately that people are asking what horror movie or short they are from. If you know of any shorts you would like me to review or watch leave in the comments below or post a gif if you want toknow what it is from and I will look into it.


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