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This is the final part of the Hunger Games trivia! (Well, until Part 2 comes out.) If you missed The Hunger Games trivia, click here. If you missed Catching Fire's trivia, click here. Until next time.. enjoy!

All facts were pulled from Mockingjay's IMDB page, unless stated or sourced otherwise.

The movie was originally planned to be released in China on November 21st, 2014 but got suddenly pulled a week prior to the release. This was likely due to the protest in Hong Kong at the time. As the political theme of movie is very similar with protest's demand for a democratic election in Hong Kong.

Avoxes are Capitol "traitors" who have had their tongues cut out. Despite this fact, Pollux whistles the Mockingjay tune to Katniss by the lake. This would be physically very difficult as whistling with accurate pitch usually requires a tongue.

According to Liam Hemsworth, kissing Jennifer Lawrence was awkward. She would purposely eat foods with garlic or tuna before any kissing scenes between the two. Source: The Tonight Show

Natalie Dormer ad-libbed 20-30 percent of her scenes, especially when Cressida instructs Finnick and the twins where to stand before filming his speech. When asked how she did that impromptu act, Dormer said that she drew inspiration by paying attention to how Francis Lawrence would converse with his camera crew in-between takes.

When Pollux and Castor are introduced to Katniss for the first time, Pollux signs in ASL something along the lines of "She's pretty, don't you think?", and his brother signs back in agreement.

Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair short the summer before filming began, due to damage from constant dyeing for the previous films. As a result, Lawrence had to wear a wig in "Mockingjay" for her role of Katniss.

Although the character of Effie Trinket only appears briefly at the end of the novel, her role has been expanded in the films. Reportedly, after seeing Catching Fire, author Suzanne Collins called director Francis Lawrence and said, "There's no way Effie Trinket cannot be in the Mockingjay films." Source: The Hunger Games Exclusive

Castor and Pollux were the mythical twin brothers of Helen of Troy. When Castor was killed, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together, and they were transformed into the constellation Gemini. The pair were regarded as the patrons of sailors, to whom they appeared as St. Elmo's fire, and were also associated with horsemanship. Source: Wikipedia

Source: Jennifer Lawrence Daily
Source: Jennifer Lawrence Daily

Throughout the film Katniss is wearing Peeta's necklace and is seen holding the pearl Peeta gave her in Catching Fire.


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