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Tonight's episode gave the conclusion to the two-part Horigin (Horror/Origin) story of The Fearsome Scarecrow! I must admit this is a true highlight, most likely out of more to come, of this season and probably the series in its entirety.

Very sad to see Jonathan Crane/ The Scarecrow's father to get killed but reasonable sacrifice of putting him in the path of the man he is meant to become. At the end of the episode, Dr. Tompkins invites Jim to the Circus. This date will ensue in the following episode. This date was said by series' show-runner, Bruno Heller, to involve the parents of the future Boy-Wonder, The Flying Graysons, and the infamous "Red Hood Gang".

I was wondering how they were going to pull this off until I saw the promo after tonight's episode below:

Very Joker-esque if I do say myself! Can't wait for next week! Leave your comments below and tell me what ya think!


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