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So Fifty Shades has been certified!

So many of my friends were saying it was going to be rated XXX or '21', which we all know doesn't exist but if Director, Sam Taylor-Johnson had converted the book to film, word by word and how we ladies imagined it in the privacy of our own mind... Then that rating would HAVE to be invented!

But, 50 shades did get the highest certification out there so, Mrs Taylor-Johnson must have done the book some justice! Yes, the highly anticipated film of 2015 is an 18, or for those Americans out there, Rated R.

I’m not going to lie- I have read all three books and I loved them. But like many others, I get nervous when my favorite books get turned into movies… who wouldn’t?
You might fall in love with a certain moment you read or the characters look a certain way in your mind. Then all that imagination and love for the story disappears when you see the actor who got the role… and it’s the total opposite to who you had in mind.

But alas, it is too late to replace Jamie Dornan (whom I’ve grown to love) with Ian Somerhalder, so I guess I’ll have to adjust my dreams… Luckily for me, Dakota Johnson looks a lot like the timid virgin, Ana, I pictured. Nevertheless, putting a face to the character is almost always the worst part.

But I have a feeling the film will still be as HOT as I imagine! Thanks to the trailers and recent certification, we will see those steamy scenes that give us a warm feeling inside… After the first 40 minutes of viewing.

You read right!
The film we are all so eager to see doesn’t have sex till the first 40 minutes! And even then only an average 20 minutes of the movie is full of hotness! The review made by The Sun Newspaper combined all the minutes of sexiness, totaling 20 minutes! But apparently, those 1200 seconds are so worth it! The rest of the movie shows the tense lust-filled atmosphere between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and I heard the acting is so good you can actually SEE their feelings grow?!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's elevator scene
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's elevator scene

So let us all get in line to see some rough sex in a controlled environment and maybe later, compare it to the real thing…?


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