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What does creator Jason Rothenberg have in store for us leading up to The 100's second season finale?

If you're not caught up yet, you should probably start tuning in. If you are, what are your predictions?

There are a lot of "what if" scenarios, and potentially one of the most conflicting of them all is... (yes, refer to poster image)

What if Lexa dies?

The entire show's balance hangs, or should I say teeters on the grounder commander's already heavy shoulders. The 100 has really become more and more Clarke's show since its time back from its second season break. Will it remain that way after its finale?

As the show has already proven, alliances are meant to be broken. If Lexa dies, everything could change.

The dynamic between Clarke and Abbey is already interesting, but if Lexa dies and the alliance is broken, will Clarke's mother, the so-called "Chancellor" step back into the driver's seat?

With Lexa dead, it would leave the faith of the alliance in the hands of her second in command, and I think we all have been acquainted with the intimidating Indra.

Actually, intimidating isn't a strong enough word. This woman is like a living, breathing Grim Reaper.

Indra, played by Adina Porter.
Indra, played by Adina Porter.

Now that Octavia has become Indra's apprentice, where would her loyalties lie?

Will Bellamy, Jasper, and the rest of the crew get out of mount Weather with its leader (the only possible friend to our characters) being locked up by his own son?... if the grounders and sky people don't attack?

One life can change everything.


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