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Before we get started, let me clarify the title warning. What I want to talk about most in this article is the preview of next week's Gotham episode that aired after the close of tonight's episode, which I will also cover briefly, so if you don't want to hear about either of those things now, GO NO FURTHER.

And with that out of the way, let's talk about what just happened.

Holy Hell.

Capping of an already nerdgasm-inducing episode of [Gotham](series:1127075) which revealed the origin of one of Batman's greatest adversary's, the Scarecrow, we were treated to a sneak peek of something very exciting. The preview for the next episode goes down the list of rogues already introduced in Gotham before ending with the phrase "Gotham's next no joke.", after which we see Jim asking a red-headed young man "Do you know why you're here?" to which he raises his head with a menacing chuckle and grin which billows into a very famous maniacal laugh. That's right, folks, it seems as though FOX studios are planning to introduce the Joker.

Now, of course, Gotham's already given us numerous Joker teases (my favorite of which remains the nervous comedian auditioning at Fish Mooney's in episode one), but this is appears to be an actual confirmation that the clown prince of crime (or at least who is meant to eventually fill those oversized shoes) is coming to the Batman prequel series. My feelings on the subject remain mixed.

The first of Gotham's potential Jokers
The first of Gotham's potential Jokers

Firstly, I remain skeptical that this is a blatant confirmation. It could easily be just another in a long series of red herrings. What keeps me on the fence is that I and many others have said from the beginning that Gotham wouldn't dare bring in the Joker, especially so early in the series, at the risk of blowing their wad and loosing considerable steam. A danger that I think is still very real. That being said, the brief glimpse of the (alleged) Mistah J looks promising. What gives me the most hope is that he appears young enough to not create a weird age difference in the hypothetical future when Bruce returns to Gotham as Batman. More Selina Kyle, less Harvey Dent (speaking of which, where the hell's he been?). The glance we were given looks early to mid-teens. Definitely a plausible candidate. And if not, that may be even better. If they play the "Is he/isn't he?" game for a while, and then kill him off, it'll be another twist for fans to grapple with and keep us coming back. Or if something dramatic happens with him involved (mayhaps an accident at a certain chemical plant?) and he disappears without a trace, they can feed us some new potential Jokers with this shadow hanging over us for the rest of the series, constantly wondering.

But if this is the Joker, what does that mean for the future of the series and its characters? Will he and Bruce Wayne interact? Will they give him a name? Why is Jim Gordon interviewing him? Is he somehow involved in the Wayne murder? A new witness to replace Selina Kyle? Will he becoming a series regular, or just have a few appearances here and there? How is this connected to the recent rumors about Red Hood making a debut on the show? Will they try to bring in Harley? How are they going to handle his transformation, if they do at all?

So many questions, and nothing to be done but wait for answers. And speculate, of course. But I think I've done enough of that for tonight. More than anything, I just wanted to vent my thoughts on the situation, and have no Gotham-following friends I can do so with. So thank you for reading, lovely people.


What are your thoughts on the Joker's (potential) introduction to Gotham?


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