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Hollywood just can't let franchises die. After Rob Zombies insulting H2, Michael Myers does need some redemption, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, a new Halloween film is in the works.

They are reporting that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the writers behind some of the 'Saw' films (IV to VII), have been tapped to pen the script and revive this iconic horror franchise for Dimension Films. No director is attached as of yet.

This will not be a direct remake or reboot or even a re-imagining. In fact, according to the report, this will be more of a "re-calibration."

This looks promising, as long as they do not follow any of the story lines that Rob Zombie seemed to set up in his 2nd Halloween film, which seemed to completely diminish the character that has become such an icon over the years. Zombies first Halloween film was a genuinely good reboot of the franchise, and the sequel just was not a good continuation. From the looks of it, Zombie will not be attached (fingers crossed) which is promising.

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