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After what seemed like an infinite wait (which was in fact only 70 days), The Walking Dead has returned to our screens for the second half of Season 5 - and boy was it explosive. I've officially decided to label the latest episode as the "Best, Worst Walking Dead Episode Ever" for numerous reasons, which I'll elaborate on shortly!

Please note that this article contains MASSIVE spoilers!

So, why have I labelled this episode as the best, worst episode ever? Well, it's pretty simple actually. This particular episode included some of the best scenes thus far in the series, while also containing some of the worst/most unnecessary scenes that we've seen to date.

Last chance to turn back, spoilers ahead!

The Worst

So if you've seen the episode already, you'll know that main good guy character Tyreese was bitten by a walker while exploring what was once a sanctuary for survivors. Unfortunately enough, he later died from blood loss when Rick and the gang had to make a quick amputation of his infected arm. Although you could argue that Tyreese was killed off way back in Season 2 in the original comic book timeline, I think the way it was executed in this episode was sloppy, and not honorable enough for a character that we had grown to love.

I can understand why AMC had decided to kill off the character, to try and stay as true to the comic as they could at this point, but there's a pretty big issue I have with this. They *just* killed off Beth, another main character, like, LAST EPISODE! It was far too soon for us fans to see the end of yet another main character, I mean c'mon guys, at least leave a couple of episodes in between the slaughter?

Was it REALLY necessary to kill off Beth in the mid season finale anyway? A large portion of the fan base certainly didn't think so, considering the 'Bring Back Beth' petition that got over 60,000 signatures on So perhaps Tyreese could have met his end in episode 8, as opposed to Beth. That way at least, these main character deaths wouldn't feel meaningless.

Should Tyreese have made it back with the gang, where he could soldier on through the zombified wasteland of America for however long he had left, or was it best that he passed on quickly? I, of course, would have preferred that he hadn't gotten himself bitten at all, but I want YOU guys to let me know your thoughts and opinions!

The Best

Although my negative ranting may tell you otherwise, I did actually really enjoy this episode. Main reason being, is that we got to see the 'return' of a heap of dead characters from the recent seasons. What was really cool about the scenes they featured in was that we could see the wounds from how they had died - for example, check out Phillip's head (above) you can see where he was shot in the face.

After Rick's visions of his dead wife Lori back in Season 3, we actually hadn't seen the return of any deceased characters in dreams or flashbacks, so I thought it was really awesome to have a big group of them all return at once. Also having the characters give Tyreese advice (or mock him, in some cases), made the scene so much more emotional, and it was hard trying to figure out just whether or not he was going to make it. As I said earlier, it would have been so much better if he had made it - learned from his mistakes, and in the future others like Bob wouldn't have to die due to Tyreese's kind, forgiving nature.

Another thing I liked about this episode was that it was much more relaxed than most previous episodes, with a halt on all the crazy action. Sure, it had a few scenes of zombie slaying, but that's basically a MUST for all episodes of The Walking Dead, right? Although at its core, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is a horror show, I think the elements of drama compliment it really nicely, so it's great to have an episode every now and again that is more about the characters, and less about the blood and gore.


Was killing off Tyreese a good move?


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