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Greeting faithful followers! Welcome to our first entry of the 2015 edition Who & Ted’s Comic Market February! :D …

Look man, this dawg’s gotta work cause this dawg’s gotta eat and if you cant deal with it, then just deal with it…..

Truth be told dear readers this canine experi-mentál wasn't wasting time driving the streets of Los Santos robbing the same convenient stores over and over cause, at this point what else is there to do?!…I mean every time I try and have a decent ride through GTA some idiot’s gotta nuke my ride..I mean, what the freaking hell???!

Anyway, me and my genius brother were hard at work for you, the supporters of this tiny blog, by tracking down the latest comics of the early new year that are riding high and or about to spike!

Please take note that the issues I will be focusing on are those tied to the current and the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe, our most recent January purchases, as well as a few others to take note.

So without further delay let’s get down to business! Ted. hit the lights!

WOW…I mean absolutely WOWZER BALLS!!! When news of the new Netflix exclusive DaredevilI was hoping for good and it was great! Take note of the dark tone. Very well executed. It's exciting to see that it is staying true to the comic like mostly all of the franchised Marvel has been popping out.

Speaking of, the series is based on the Frank Miller Daredevil Man Without Fear mini series that came out in 1993, one of the last few gems of the copper age.


Written by Frank Miller in his return to the series since his revolutionizing the character with his take in the late 70s early 80s. With John Romita Jr artwork, the story goes back to the gritty anti-hero persona that has been Daredevil’s most popular incantation.

With the latest edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to Netflix you can expect that these and many other Daredevil titles are poised to take off on the market.


Another series soon to hit the market is “A.K.A. Jessica Jones.” This will be Marvel's second female led television series after Agent Carter (third if you want to count AoS now!) and after the casting announcement of Krysten Ritter as the lead role, the latest images from the production set have already begun to get the gears churning.

courtesy of the Internet. She's Cat Ear Material...
courtesy of the Internet. She's Cat Ear Material...

Look out for Alias #1 (2001) Jessica Jones first named appearance. If you're a baller grab Amazing Spider Man #4 also the first Sandman, where Jones appears as an unnamed character or maybe the first appearance of Purple Man Zebediah Killgrave in Daredevil #4.

Alias #1 (2001) First Jessica Jones
Alias #1 (2001) First Jessica Jones

With the official casting of Luke Cage, Fans will soon get to experience Hero for Hire in the fictional cinematic flesh. It is going to be an onslaught of Netflix hits that will culminate in another sub Marvel Cinematic Streaming Universe (claiming it) with the creation of the Defenders mini-series. Grab Luke Cage, Hero for Hire Vol 1 issues to get ready for it, and if you can afford it Marvel Premiere #15 the first appearance of Iron Fist.

Luke Cage Hero for Hire #1 Vol 1
Luke Cage Hero for Hire #1 Vol 1


If you aren't watching Agent Carter there is something wrong with you. Hayley Atwell is absolutely running game on this show and with every episode you love her more and more. The perfect blend of espionage and intrigue with enough humor and plenty of "I didn't see that coming" moments. Agent Carter is prime material for not only unlocking secrets of the MCU but also introducing us to new characters & villains that may yield profits with past issues that were easily over looked. There is still time to get Peggy Carter's first unnamed and named appearances in Tales of Suspense #77 & Captain America #162.

The real Ms. Marvel
The real Ms. Marvel


Fantastic Four #66-67 & Marvel Premiere 1& 2- First Appearances of Adam Warlock as Him and then his first appearance named as Warlock and then as Adam Warlock are all on the rise. 4.0's are selling above $30. He will be a key player in the Infinity War films and I suspect will be introduced in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

Agents of SHIELD's mid-season premiere is just around the corner so be sure to do your Inhumans homework!


Yes. It's true! Spidey is finally coming home!! Sort of...(check the fine print)..Regardless, I couldn't believe it myself but after a full day of blog binging I've come to accept it. Marvel and Sony have come to an agreement to share Spider Man, but strangely enough Amy Pascal is still co-producing. At first, I wasn't sure about this decision but Kevin Feige accepted her as an ally and publicly stated his support of her. With that I have washed my hands and cleansed myself of all previous sins and have accepted Pascal. We will see how it all turns out but for now a word of advice. Sure up all your Silver/Bronze Age Spider Man comics because this deal will cause another spike in value and more than likely it's biggest yet!

What many people don't understand is that we as fans and the public haven't really seen Spider Man. You may think you have seen him cause you saw these films that had a guy dressed like Spider Man and by all means were somewhat entertaining to a point, but the reality is, that WASN'T the Spider Man Marvel created. It was a nice adaptation but in the end it was Sony's take on the character. A cookie cutter brand name product placement fiasco aimed at a target audience and watered down to appeal to the masses. It was a profitable and admirable in effort but the fact of the matter is that YOU, the crazy ass fan and know it all (i'm pointing into the mirror btw) needs to ALLOW Marvel to show you who Spider Man was truly meant to be.

Art by J.Scott Campbell
Art by J.Scott Campbell


Alias #1

Captain America #162

The Walking Dead #67

Star Wars #1 2015 LootCrate Variant


Avengers #11

Daredevil #184

Uncanny X-Men #130

Market Prediction: UP -Avengers: Age of Ultron will be here sooner than you think and the closer it gets, the more people are going to be buying comics. Pricing are climbing higher and higher for mid grade keys and unless an asteroid wipes out mankind, the comic book market will be riding high for the next few years. Rejoice nerdos and geeks the world is yours now!




Data Research and Analysis by Ted

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