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Yes you're reading that right and probably in all the other dozen articles that are steaming out right now. I mean everybody is informing you about this and giving their two cents and that's just fine! I wont go into the whole news about Spider-Man is coming to the MCU cause you're probably tired of reading that. I will not bore you with an article detailing all this if you want that you can get the official news here. What i'm here to talk about people is the plan to have Spidey show up in a Marvel film before his 2017 solo movie. I came to the conclusion that Spidey could be showing in this major characters movie that a year before Spiderman.

That's right I've said it before and ill say it again i'm rooting for a Strange and Spider-Man meet up. This to me seems to most genius and plausible way to introduce spidey and for so many reasons. My primary reason is with Doctor Strange being from New York and Spider-Man of course the same we could see a bit of him in the movie. I mean they do both have some history in the animated world so it be pretty cool to have this translated to the big screen.

The other and most obvious way everyone is leaning towards is of course Marvel's Civil War. Even though we all by now know its really not important to have spidey in this event a lot of people do in fact want it. Marvel will of course be listening and if they find it in their best interest to include Spider-Man then so be it. I will watch the film regardless but i think they should leave it as is and have Spidey show up later.

I think having Doctor Strange is a great way to bring in the multiverse and an explanation as to where Spider-Man might have come from. I mean the way i see it this would be the best way to introduce why Spider-Man was absent for Age Of Ultron and the first Avengers. Spider-Man will have been from another universe the same one that Stephen Strange is and both have come to aid the Avengers. I think doing this Marvel has the chance to play with many more things and give openings to certain areas. This news nonetheless is exciting and i cant wait to hear what movie Spider-Man will truly debut in.

I have to ask though, are you genuinely excited for Spider-Man to join the MCU?

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