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The Office was one of those shows with a cast that felt kinda like a big awkward family. There's the ones that make you laugh, some make you cry, and some just make you straight up uncomfortable. It was a sad day in May 2013 when we had to say farewell to the family in a very emotional finale. With the show now over, the cast is free to do other work and is popping up in all kinds of TV shows and movies.

Now that 2015 is here, it marks 10 years since The Office's premiere date, and time has really flown by. So let's take a little trip down memory lane to see what's happened since our favorite show premiered, our favorite moments, and what the cast has been up to since they had to find new day jobs.

Kelly Capoor

Me too, Kelly. Me too...
Me too, Kelly. Me too...

Our Dunder Mifflin customer service rep! Kelly is basically the female version of Aziz Anzari in Parks in rec. The annoying Indian, that we want just to go away most the time, but somehow that's part of their charm. Her relationship with Ryan was hilarious and in some sick way they were perfect for each other.

Mindy Kaling has kept busy working on various projects like her own show The Mindy Project , an appearance in This is The End and voice-over work in Wreck-it-Ralph.

Ryan Howard

Ryan has had a lot of different looks in the span of the show. He went from a temp, to the Vice President of Dunder-Mifflin, to a temp again, to whatever he ended up being at the end of the show.

He's has appeared in a few different films since the show has ended, the main one being The (not so) Amazing Spider Man 2, Saving Mr. Banks, and Inglorious Bastards. He also appears on a show called Newsroom.

Jim Halpert

Classic Jim
Classic Jim

Jim. The Office good guy and voice of reason among the chaos. Always there to lend a smirk whenever someone says something ridiculous and of course his amazing constant pranks on Dwight.

Jim's relationship with Pam was really the heart of the show in the beginning. He was always there for Pam as a friend, waiting years for her to wake up and let Jim get out of the friend zone.

John Krasinski is also a really solid actor. He has done roles in several films like Away We Go, Letterheads, Monsters University and more. We think he's doing just fine.

Michael Scott

From Prison Mike to John du Pont
From Prison Mike to John du Pont

Michael Scott basically is the father of the Office. Even though he didn't stay through all 9 seasons, the whole tone of the show and it's characters were built around this guy. Steve Carell has always been a great comic actor, but recently he has proven his chops as a dramatic actor as well, earning himself an Oscar nomination for his work in Foxcatcher.

We will still always remember you as Michael Scott, in memory of the good old days, lets take a look at the best memories.

Dwight Schrute


Dwight the Beetfarmer, Volunteer Sheriffs deputy, Battlestar Gallactica fanboy, and Dunder Mifflin top salesman. Instead of describing him and talking about his best moments, lets take a look:

Rainn Wilson has also kept pretty busy with his work different films like Juno and Super, but he has his own show now called Backstrom, most of what I see him play is basically just Dwight in a different mood.

Oscar Martinez

Oscar is the office Latino homosexual accountant. He doesn't really follow any of the gay stereotypes, but is still teased constantly (mostly by Kevin or Michael) because of it. Kevin and Oscars relationship is hilarious though, and one of the really special parts of The Office. Here's one of the my favorite moments:

Oscar Nunez has worked on various television shows and movies such as The Proposal and The Italian Job.


Kevin is Kevin. The big simple lovable guy who sits next to Oscar in accounting. God knows how he kept his job working with numbers but I'm glad he did. Here's anther great moment thanks to Kevin:

Kevin is played by Brian Baumgartner and still works mostly in television.

Andy Bernard

The Nard Dog
The Nard Dog

Perhaps one of the most successful actor leaving the show is Andy Bernard played by Ed Helms. He now has the very successful Hangover franchise under his belt along with several other tv credits.

Stanley Hudson

Stanley Hudson, the man kind of just wants to be left alone and make i through the day without being distracted from his crossword puzzle. He went through a whole lot of Michael and Dwight's shenanigans but he survived. Even though he could be a grump at times, we miss Stanley and his hilarious moments.

Angela Martin

The Real Catwoman
The Real Catwoman

Angela Martin, The Office cat lady, head of the party planning committee, and forbidden secret lover of Dwight Schrute. She was always first to roll her eyes and scoff at Kevin and Oscar's shenanigans, and she seemed to not need to have any friends besides her cats, maybe why she wasn't so sociable.

Creed Bratton

Alright, this one is a personal favorite for me. How does one describe Creed? I don't know if I have a good answer to that question because he evoked the exact same reaction from me every time he popped up on screen:

Followed by...

Every time.
Every time.

He just gets me every time with his weird/ creepy/ confusing/ illegal/ perfectly timed comments that always leave you with both looks on your face.

Meredith Palmer

Meredith is the Office party girl. You gotta lover her Don't-give-a-crap attitude and outlook on life. She's a belligerent drunk and sex fiend, making for some of the most memorable moments on the show.

She had to endure a lot, being the butt end of a lot of sex and alcohol jokes, getting set on fire, shaving her head, Dwight trapping a bat in a plastic bag over her head, and even getting hit by Michael in his car. Poor Meredith...

Safe to say she was a pro at solitaire too because I think that is the only thing that was ever on her computer screen at work.

Pam Beasley

Frizzy young Pam / Beautiful Jenna Fischer
Frizzy young Pam / Beautiful Jenna Fischer

Aw Pam, the whole reason Jim stayed stayed at Dunder Mifflin, and their relationship is why most of us watched the show before we fell in love with the rest of the characters.

In a way, Pam was the glue the held the office together, she was a character women could relate to and men could long after. Even playing a toned down more introverted woman, Pam always had a sweetness and innocence to her that was so appealing, and probably why Jim never gave up on her.

Her character became a lot less interesting later on in the show after her and Jim got married, but by then it sort of felt like they had played out her character. But she remained constant on the show and we miss her to this day.


Okay honestly, no one cares about Toby. Sorry, Toby.

Though we all felt a little bad for him, Michael's senseless hate for Toby was one of my favorite parts of the show.

We miss all the characters on the office, but who do you miss the most?

In case you need a reminder on why this show was so great, check out this last compilation on the memories of the whole series


Who do you miss most?


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