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Life in Hell

This is a little treat to all Supernatural fans out there. I will be now getting more into the human nature of Dean. Season's 1 through 3 represented him as a man with a purpose, a purpose to kill the supernatural, which I have pointed out in my first article. At the end of these three seasons, a negative outcome came out of it. His death. Now, his death might sound really negative. I probably spoiled anyone out there with the intent on watching this show. The good thing is, he comes back to life..

Chance of Redemption

Dean died. He dies with the blinded purpose which he lived by, only to realize that there is a truer purpose. Which he fails to understand when he has been brought back to life. Now all of you non-[Supernatural](series:200506) fans might want some details into what kind of a sick world he's living in. Patience. I will be getting there sooner than later. I've pointed out in my first article that all things supernatural exists. One of the main reasons why he died was because of one of the most tortured souls in the Supernatural reality, demons. Dean started out from a young age as a hunter, including his father John and his younger sibling Sam. They all didn't know what they were getting themselves into because their mom's tragic death was caused by non other than a demon.

" We're at a point where we're starting to understand where Dean has come from, and what has caused the death of Dean's mom, Mary. This is to make readers understand that the little things can cause such a huge impact on anyone's lives. Mary's death made a huge impact on the families lives on a supernatural level. Think of how it would've went if she hadn't died. "

All that to summarize that he got into a mess he'd never expected to clean up. He died knowing that he hasn't cleaned up a thing. Four months after his death, he comes back to life. It might sound magical to you, but in the Supernatural reality, he was brought back to life by an Angel of the name of Castiel. Dean wasn't aware of that, at first.

" Angels are very strong entities. Since they represent the power of light, they can overcome any kind of darkness. They are more powerful than demons. Demons represent the power of darkness. I like the fact that there has been an example given which most viewers might not be aware of. Lightness always overcomes darkness, no matter what road the darkness is headed to... "

Dean, as any human would do, went looking for his family. The only family he had was Sam. His little brother that he always looked after no matter how bad the circumstances were. Which is one of the main reasons why he died.

" To summarize the reason. At the end of season 2, Sam dies. Which led Dean, in yet again, a state of depression. He blamed himself for his brother's death because since the death of Mary, he's always felt responsible in taking care of Sam. Which is what John would have done if he wasn't too selfish with his obsession on finding what really killed Mary. This leads Dean to make a decision which led to his tragic death in Season 3. He made a deal with a demon. A deal between a demon consists on giving up your soul in return of getting whatever it is you have asked for. Demons are like genies, they grant you a wish. But with a negative outcome of it. Dean gave up his soul with a one year expiration date on his neck so that Sam can come back to life "

The first thing that Dean had in mind was that Sam was the one who brought him back to life. Since he did the same for Sam, he expected Sam to do the same for him. That's a very selfish thought Dean! Once he found out the truth, which was Sam not bringing him back to life. He did whatever he had to in order to seek the truth. What he finds out was, one unexpected truth.

" We're at a point where Dean discovers Angels. He was never open with his spiritual awareness so he never had belief in God. This changed everything for him "

All this to come down to one conclusion. Everyone has a second chance. As I said, no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what actions you take, there will always be a second chance of redemption. You should fully be aware of that second chance and take advantage of it when you need it. This was Dean's second chance. My next article will dive into his mind, which will make viewers comprehend how his mind affects the decisions that he makes..


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