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High school was a gloriously awkward time for most of us. Things were no different for our favorite cast of characters from the hit sitcom Friends (unless you're Rachel Green).

In line with their many beloved flashback episodes and high school anecdotes, we've taken it upon ourselves to craft what Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe's yearbooks would have looked like.They may have graduated from (mostly) different schools in different years, but they each made it to the Senior Superlatives section! So come with us back to the 1980s to see what the gang was up to as teenagers.

Ross Geller - Most Likely to be Liked By Parents

Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot
Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot

Clubs and Activities: Science Club, Mathletes, Chess Club Academic Decathlon, Robotics, Amnesty International, Environmental Club, Future Doctors of America Club, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad

Nicknames: Wet Pants Geller, Bea, Red Ross

Senior Quote: "PIVOT!"

Ross Geller was not well-known throughout his high school until everyone found out that he made out with the school librarian. After that people began taking notice and voted him "Most Likely to be Liked By Parents" as a joke due to his rendezvous with Mrs. Altman. Joking or not, Ross was happy to be featured in the yearbook in pictures other than various academic clubs.

Chandler Bing - Class Clown

Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot
Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot

Clubs and Activities: Comedy Club, Band (Clarinet), Musical Theater, Jugglers Society, JV Figure-Skating Team

Nicknames: "The Dropper," Skidmark

Senior Quote: "Could I BE any happier to leave this place?"

Chandler Bing always felt like a big fish in a little pond, or more like a regular fish in a regular-sized pond where the pond was constantly trying to reject him. Despite this feeling, his classmates could not ignore his practical jokes and constant good humor. While he had trouble getting girls, he had no trouble making people laugh.

Monica Geller - Most School Spirit

Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot
Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot

Clubs and Activities: Field Hockey, Marching Band, Home Economics, Cooking Club

Nicknames: Big Fat Goalie, Monicow, Harmonica

Senior Quote: "If anyone wants to come over later, I'm baking cookies!"

Monica Geller sent out an official notice wanting to redact the original photo used of her in her high school yearbook. She politely suggested the school mail out the one above after she first lost weight her Freshman year of college. Of course, the school district ignored her, but Monica considers this skinny photo the real deal.

Rachel Green - Biggest Gossip

Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot
Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot

Clubs and Activities: Cheer Team, Prom Queen, Yacht Club, Fashion Appreciation Club

Nicknames: Rach, Ray-Ray Green

Senior Quote: "It's not easy being this popular."

This is the most recent photo taken of Rachel Green post-nose job, but still when her classmates thought she might have been a Hermaphrodite due to the rumor started by Ross, Will, and Takaka Ci-Kek. Even so, she was one of the most popular girls in school and everyone wanted to be like her.

Joey Tribbiani - Biggest Flirt

Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot
Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot

Clubs and Activities: Theater, Woodshop, Football

Nicknames: Joe, J-Man, Dragon

Senior Quote: "How you doin'?"

Joey Tribbiani was a king in high school. Not only was he cute, charming, and athletic, but he also had that artsy vibe that girls really loved. In his Freshman year he learned that by simply uttering the phrase "How you doin'?" he was able to secure a date with the hottest Senior in school. It became his go-to line for many years to come.

Phoebe Buffay - Most Likely to Rule the World

Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot
Katrina Stagg/Moviepilot

Clubs and Activities: French Club, Street Pipe Muggers Association, Self-Taught Guitar, Nestlé Toulouse Baking Club

Nicknames: Pheebs, Regina Phalange

Senior Quote: "Gimme your money, punk!"

As we all know, Phoebe Buffay spent most of her teen years working the streets as a mugger and didn't attend high school per se. Instead she taught herself to play the guitar and learned French behind a dumpster with a small group. She didn't technically have yearbook, but she felt inspired by the gang to create her own superlative which suits her perfectly.

No matter where they came from or what they were like in the past, at least we know that these six are inseparable Friends as adults. Hope you enjoyed this fictional walk down memory lane!


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