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Wooooo! Everyone ok? Did we all survive the bomb Marvel just dropped? Everyone’s minds still in tact or did they get completely blown? Ok, so now that we’ve had a chance to settle down, let’s analyze and speculate a bit shall we?

Let’s start with what we know:

This is a reboot

Marvel’s official announcement used the words “new Spider-Man.” Specifically, the article said, “under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU).”

Sure, they never came out and said ‘this is a reboot and we won’t see Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spidey any more.’ But with news this big, you better believe the Marvel brass chose their words carefully. And I don’t think they would choose to say “new Spider-Man” if they planned on bringing back the old one.

Sorry Andy, looks like you're out
Sorry Andy, looks like you're out

Room has been made in Phase 3 for a solo Spider-Man film

Shortly after Marvel announced the deal, they announced that four Phase 3 films will have their release dates pushed back. Those changes are as follows:

Thor: Ragnarok from 7/28/17 to 11/3/17

Black Panther from 11/3/17 to 7/6/18

Captain Marvel from 7/6/18 to 11/2/18

Inhumans from 11/2/18 to 7/12/19

What do all of these moves mean? Well, let’s start with the obvious. This opens the July 28, 2017 date for Spidey’s first solo movie. This was announced along with the announcement of the deal.

Thor, Black Panther and Captain Marvel only move back a few months. This likely does not change much for them. Captain Marvel was already going to take place in between the two Infinity War films, so nothing new there. Black Panther will now also be coming out between the two, but he was like to first appear in Civil War anyway.

The biggest change is for Inhumans, which will now be released almost a full year later than expected. This also means that it will come out after the second Infinity War movie. Looks like Black Bolt and company will not be playing a role in the fight against Thanos, at least not a big one.

Phase 3 just made room for a new blockbuster!
Phase 3 just made room for a new blockbuster!

Spider-Man will make his debut in the MCU before his solo movie

This is possibly the most exciting piece of news. Let’s take that quote from before.

“Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU).”

That can be taken a number of different ways. But the story goes on to say this:

“Sony Pictures with thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise on July 28, 2017...”

This confirms that Peter Parker will appear in an MCU movie not titled “Spider-Man.”

So let’s look at every possibility. There are five Marvel films coming out before that July 28, 2017 date. Those films are Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Could Spidey appear in Avengers? Seeing as how we’re only a few months out from the release, I would say that’s a firm no. That being said, I wouldn’t put it past Marvel Studios to shoot a new post-credits scene to throw the web-head in there. I would put Ant-Man in that same boat, though I think Avengers would make a bit more sense.

Guardians of the Galaxy? I’d say this is the least likely. Why would we see Spidey appear in a movie where we are not even likely to see Earth? Scratch that one off of the list.

Doctor Strange is another long-shot. The two aren’t exactly tag team partners. Though I suppose it’s possible he makes his first cameo with the Sorcerer Supreme.

So that leaves us with the obvious heavy favorite. Spider-Man could actually appear in Civil War!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Spider-Man can now play his role in Civil War
Spider-Man can now play his role in Civil War

Sorry for that, but if you’ve read my previous stories, you know where the excitement comes from.

This is incredible news that could take a movie that looked like it was barely going to touch on the comic story, and steer it in the direction of something that could jump right off of the pages and onto the big screen.

So let’s get to the fun part and speculate a bit now...

Who will play Spider-Man?

Another one of my previous stories will tell you my choice. Though I see a bunch of reasons that he is a very unlikely choice, I still really like Grant Gustin as Peter Parker. There have been a ton of other names thrown around. Feel free to list your favorite in the comments.

I know it's a long shot, but Gustin is my guy
I know it's a long shot, but Gustin is my guy

What will be the story for the first Spider-Man movie?

There are a lot of different ways they can go with this newly added Phase 3 movie. Green Goblin seems like a safe choice. I’m willing to bet we don’t see the Lizard right away again. Will we see allies like Black Cat? Could we maybe see the Kingpin and a gang of non-powered thugs? Or maybe someone like the Wrecking Crew? There are a lot of options here.

I hope they don’t try to jump right and make a huge splash with a story like Kraven’s Last Hunt or villains like Venom and Carnage. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for those things to happen, just not in the first Spider-Man movie. If there has to be a super villain, I think the Goblin is the best place to start. Maybe they can do him some justice this time.

I'm wiling to bet they could do better than this
I'm wiling to bet they could do better than this

How much involvement will Spidey have in other Marvel movies?

We know he is going to appear in a movie before his own, but what about after that? How many other titles will we see him pop up in? Will he become an Avenger? That’s definitely possible. I think we can expect to see him in Infinity War. And if that is the case, I think there’s a good chance he becomes an Avenger after that. We all know that joining the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes definitely does not mean you can’t continue your own line of solo movies after that (unless you’re the Hulk).

Could we see Spider-Man become an Avenger?
Could we see Spider-Man become an Avenger?

How many other Marvel characters will we see pop up in Spider-Man movies?

This is not just a one way street. The announcement of the deal had another interesting tidbit in there.

“Marvel and Sony Pictures are also exploring opportunities to integrate characters from the MCU into future Spider-Man films.”

Could we see some of the Avengers pop up in a Spider-Man solo movie? I wouldn’t count on many of the big guns coming over to join the wall-crawler. But there are definitely some characters I could see making an appearance. For example, should they decide to bring in the Kingpin, we may also see Daredevil and/or the rest of the Defenders. Especially since the Kingpin is already set to appear in the Daredevil Netflix series.

We could see these guys pop up in a Spidey movie
We could see these guys pop up in a Spidey movie

We could see characters like Nick Fury or other S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel as well. Maybe even Widow or Hawkeye.

Could this deal lead to a complete MCU?

Ok fans, time to get greedy. Is this deal an isolated situation? Or is it the first domino to fall in the process of Marvel recovering all of its characters?

Initially, I’d say forget it. Spider-Man is the only one rejoining his creators right now. The X-Men are far too popular for Fox to give up on them, and while they’re at it, they might as well be stubborn and not budge on the Fantastic Four either.

But on the other hand, I definitely believe that this helps the process. If this deal works the way everyone thinks it will, Fox could become interested in sharing their characters as well. What do they have to lose? We are about to see a myriad of incredible (or dare I say, amazing) superhero movies coming out of this alliance of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. And Fox will be on the outside looking in. How long will they hold out before they decide that they want a piece of the pie too?

It’s a long shot, but it just might work. Let’s face it, Kevin Feige and the rest of the crew at Marvel Studios have an ‘uncanny’ ability for giving the fans what they want.

This could be the first step...
This could be the first step...

There is certainly a lot to talk about here. So please leave your thoughts in the comments. I am eager to hear the ideas everyone has for what we may be about to see.


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