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Guys! It's official! Spider-Man's right have now been shared out between Marvel and Sony, meaning the two companies will work together to bring us Spider-Man films.

Marvel have announced that Spider-Man will be appearing in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film before his stand alone film which will release on July 28th 2017!

I think it's very safe to assume that he will be appearing in Civil War. We saw in the leaked Sony emails that Marvel had plans for Spider-Man to be in Civil War, I think it's safe to assume they had two different scripts, one with Spider-Man, one without. In the Civil War comic story line, Spider-Man is really the heart and soul of the book, Captain America and Iron Man really fight over the character. From the looks of their slate 3 announcement, Black Panther was going to be that character, so I wonder what this announcement means for that character's story.

July 28th 2017, was the date that "Thor: Ragnarok" was meant to be released, so this has really shaken up the MCU, but I'm sure Marvel has planned for this. It looks as though the entire slate after that date will take a slight delay, perhaps 5 months or so, but it's all worth it!

"Captain America: Civil War" is only a year away, which means in the next few months we will be getting a casting announcement for "Spider-Man". I think it's safe to assume that Andrew Garfield will not be returning, which does make me partially disappointed as he was a perfect fit for Spider-Man but I do want a fresh face to really solidify this turn over.

It looks as though Sony is still involved in some capacity though, with both of the studios working together on the character, so we still may get the "Sinister Six" film that has been slated for release for some time now, of course that will be delayed.

Sony will have control over the character but with insight by Kevin Feige and the Marvel team, meaning we will be getting more that one Spider-Man film every 4 years or so which would have been the case if the rights fully reverted back to Marvel.


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