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John Carter

JL8 (Justice League of 8-year-olds) is a vibrantly entertaining comic strip by Yale Stewart. He publishes them on a Twitter account, and on his homepage HERE.

These comics are quite charming due not only to the incredible accuracy of the characters, but also translating all of their mannerisms and habits with children.

Batman broods, Superman is a boyscout, Flash is high-strung... There are heroes, villains, love triangles, identity issues, testing of friendships, parenting lessons, etc.

This series is sure to make you laugh, reflect, and possibly tear up. It is full of heart and well honed artistry. You can watch the characters develop over time both in personality and in appearance. It is jam-packed with the nuance of the beloved Justice League, and I'm sure you will love it.

There are now over 190 strips that are sure to make your heart skip a beat. (And trust me, you want to start at the beginning.)


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