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Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead!

When [The Walking Dead](series:201193) hit our screens on Sunday evening with some weird flashback sequence, I admit, I wasn't sure what the episode was going to be like, however I needn't have worried because just one hour later the show had once again proved why I had been waiting for its return with baited breath.

As it turns out I wasn't the only one who was more than eagerly anticipating its return, because the mid-season premier pulled in an enormous 15.60 million viewers for the episode! WOW.

That enormous number makes The Walking Dead the biggest regularly-scheduled program so far for 2015, granted it's only February but that's still a very impressive number! The show has had some amazing numbers over its five year history, from very humble beginnings it has turned into a ratings bonanza, check out The Walking Dead's journey:

Season 1 premier - 5.35 million

The episode that started it all! Right from the first scene when a grown man shoots a drooling zombie child in the face, you knew this was a show that was destined for great things! The show debuted to a pretty decent 5.35 million, and that was only the start of great things to come.

Season 2 premier - 7.26 million

Season 2 got longer (13 episodes instead of 6), and with it the audience grew and grew. In Season 2 the group also got a little bigger, gaining members of the Greene family, though it also lost Shane and Sophia in major story arcs from the season.

Season 3 premier - 10.87 million

When Season 3 debuted, The Walking Dead hit over 10 million viewers and it hasn't looked back since then! This season was totally action packed, with the group moving into the prison, meeting Michonne and Judith and sadly losing T-Dog, Andrea and Lori among others.

Season 4 premier - 16.11 million

After making an enemy out of The Governor we could't wait to see what would happen in Season 4, with a whopping 16.11 million tuning in! This season was absolutely crazy, spending the first half inside the prison and having it culminate in beloved father, Hershel being dramatic beheaded by The Governor who was back for revenge.

Season 4 mid-season premier - 15.76 million

The second half of Season 4 had audiences captivated as the show began to tell the story of several small groups of survivors who had all been separated after the attack on the prison. Obviously people were excited to see their favorite characters after the dramatic mid-season finale because 15.76 million of you tuned in to find out what had happened.

Season 5 premier -17.29 million

There's no surprises here, of course the show had such huge numbers when it looked like it was very possible that Rick and the gang had met their match in the evil Gareth. Fortunately it wasn't to be and after Carol saved the day over 17 million viewers collectively agreed she was the ultimate bad-ass.

Season 5 mid-season premier - 15.60 million

After Beth's sad death we needed some closure, and as the second half of Season 5 began 15.60 million of us tuned in to get it. Unfortunately for us, no sooner had Beth's chapter closed then it was already time to say goodbye to another member of the group, Tyreese.

The Walking Dead returns with episode 10 next Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

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