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[The Walking Dead](series:201193) premiered the second half of Season 5 on Sunday evening, and immediately fans began to notice the hidden little easter eggs that the crew, including episode 9 writer Scott Gimple, and director, Greg Nicotero, had placed in it for us to find.

Easter eggs are details or features added into TV shows, video games and movies which are sort of small bonuses. Noticing them does not give you any extra information about the episode or movie you are currently watching, but if you manage to spot them it might make you smile.

Take a look at some of the best easter eggs included throughout The Walking Dead series, and tell me any others you've noticed in the comments:

1. Rick unlocked an achievement

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

Remember when Rick shot fellow officer Leon outside the Sheriff station way back in episode 1, Season 1? Leon was, chronologically, Rick's first walker kill with a gun (he had already killed one walker with a baseball bat with the help of Morgan and Duane). Although it was hard not to notice Rick putting one right between Leon's eyes, it might have been a little harder to notice the easter egg in the background of the scene.

Xbox gamers might be familiar with the 'plonk' sound of a notification popping up, often when you are being rewarded with an achievement. Well take a listen to this scene again, and see if you can, mixed in among the rattling of the fence, hear the distinctive 'plonk' sound.

Did you hear it faintly in background? You might need to listen quite a few times with the volume a little higher than usual, but as soon as you've heard it once, you'll always notice!

2. The video game gets a nod

Even though The Walking Dead is based on the successful comic series, there is also a really cool video game version as well! The video game focuses on the characters Lee Everett and Clementine, rather than Rick and the gang, and it is set in Macon, Georgia.

In the Season 4 premier, fans of the video game were excited to see Michonne point out the county of Macon (which is weirdly not where the city of Macon is situated) which she had considered traveling to. At the end of Season 4, Macon was referenced again on the map pointing out where Terminus was. Although the black star obscured it, as Comicbook has pointed out, you can clearly see it was Macon.

Source: comicbook
Source: comicbook

With the video game following the same storyline as the comic series, who knows, perhaps one day Lee and Clementine will be introduced on the show!

3. Rick didn't name his food and neither did the cannibals

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

In Season 4, episode 1 Rick tells Carl that he shouldn't have named the group's pig 'Violet' because she is only being raised to be eaten. Though it seemed like a pretty simple exchange (any farm kids out there will probably have been told the same thing sometime in their life), it seems like it foreshadowed another person who preferred not to name his food: Gareth.

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

Even though Gareth definitely knows the crew's names he prefers to give them nicknames, and treat them like livestock in a pen, not humans. Of course there was an exception to this when he called Bob by his name, though the Termites also left Bob alive after making meal of him, and didn't kill him instantly like the other victims we saw back in Seaosn 5, episode 1 - so it's fair to say Bob was an exception to Gareth's rule.

4. We always knew Terminus was bad news

Back in Season 4, episode 11, a few episodes before we realize that Terminus was bad news, Michonne and Carl go on a supply run to a house and they note a few pieces of the family's artwork. The artwork at first seemed like an odd inclusion in the episode, but it was soon obvious it foreshadowed Terminus, like this sunflower, which was the same flower that greeted survivors:

And then this graffiti'd painting whose subject resembles Mary with her one braid, and also with the blood smeared mouth (representing her cannibalism).

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

The painting also 'X'd' out one of her eyes, similar to another Big Bad we've seen on the show:

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

And it looks like The Gov and Mary not only share the same thirst for blood, but also the same taste in umbrella patterns!

5. The Bible is everywhere

We've talked about the shows use of Bible verses before during the first half of Season 5 at Father Gabriel's church. However the show actually used this technique much earlier on in the show, during Season 2.

Source: Dorkly
Source: Dorkly

While the group is searching for Sophia they come across a church which has Revelations 16:13 written on the sign outside. While the show could have put any old Bible verse on the sign, they chose one that reads:

Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the best, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

When the group entered the church instead of finding Sophia, they found those three evil spirits in the form of three walkers in the church, pretty tricky huh?

6. There are often sneaky references to Robert Kirkman's other work

In Season 4, episode 11 Carl and Michonne scavenge in a house for supplied while Rick is recovering. Michonne discovers members of a family who have committed suicide. On top of one of the bodies is a comic titled Super Dinosaur which is actually written by Robert Kirkman!

This is not the first time the show hidden references to comic books, in episode 1 of Season 4, Michonne hands Carl a pile of comic books written by Kirkman after returning from a supply run, and for much of the first three seasons Carl wears a Science Dog t-shirt, another of Kirkman's creations.

What easter eggs have you noticed in The Walking Dead? Tell us HERE!

Source: Dorkly, The Walking Dead


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