ByStephen Banbury, writer at

So the news that Sony and Marvel have finally came to an agreement was announced today, but what exactly does this mean.

This is my first post so bare with me. I feel disappointed that Garfield's Spidey is getting the boot (pardon the pun). Sony finally got the character, theme and storyline right . However was this the plan all along?

Take the Hulk for example, he too was recast twice before Marvel got him right, is this going to be the same thing with Spider-man?

Marvel have already put Black Panther, Thor 3 and Captain Marvel back to accommodate Spider-Man . Will they also bring put releases of their previous movies to include Spidey to explain where and what he was doing during the New York disaster in Avengers?

Am I the only one that thing Marvel are going to capitalise this big time? This is just a quick note of what went through my head and my opinions. Feel free to add.


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