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A 5-year-old Ohio boy has sparked an international mystery after claiming to be the reincarnated spirit of a 30-year-old woman who died in a fire over 20 years ago.

Erika Ruehlman says her son Luke is convinced he was once a real woman called Pam, who leaped from a burning hotel in 1993.

It sounds like the beginnings of the greatest horror movie ever made.

Watch footage of the Paxton Hotel fire below.

Bizarrely, it appears Luke’s mother found the woman who matches Luke’s description from an old news report on Youtube. She believes the woman to be Pamela Robinson, who died in 1993 when the Paxton Hotel in Chicago caught fire. She told Fox8 Radio,

"He [Luke] used to say: 'When I was a girl, I had black hair’ or he would say, 'I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl.'"

The boy also recollects being reincarnated, saying he was "pushed back down to earth", and reportedly recalls being named by his parents.

Luke told his mom that he used to be Pamela, "but I died. I went up to heaven, and I saw God, and he pushed me back down and when I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke."

The disconcerting story has been investigated by the TV show The Ghost Inside My Child, who later put Erika in touch with Pamela Robinson’s family.

After speaking to Pamela's surviving family members, Erika said much of Pamela's personality and music interests are similar to Luke’s.

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