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Now, when it comes to The Flash, we've already learned to expect some seriously awesome comic-book-style costumes - after all, Barry himself has donned a surprisingly faithful variant of his original comic duds - but it had seemed that we were set to see a much less flamboyant route taken with one of the show's guest stars.

Firestorm, we were led to believe, would be dressed in a far more down-to-earth fashion than The Flash himself - or, at least, that was what images shared with journalists at the Television Critics Association seemed to suggest...

This jacket and gadget combo, though...

...doesn't actually seem set to be the character's final costume.

As Robbie Amell - Firestorm himself - put it when asked by

"Oh, not at all. I was actually a little upset when they posted the pictures that they did of the costumes...It really just happens to be the jacket that Robbie's wearing when the splicer's put on. The splicer is removable in our version of the character. Whatever he's wearing at the time can be turned into the costume. I'm sure down the road, there will be a legit costume but for the time being, it's just whatever he's wearing at the time when the splicer's put on and then it's time to go to work, that happens to be the costume."

So, in the future, it seems we can expect to see a much more vibrant, comic-book-style costume. As Amell puts it:

"I'm sure down the road, Cisco will make him some sort of fireproof thing and...he'll do something Cisco-y and he'll have a badass costume."

Though, it may be too much to hope for to expect anything all that close to the comic-book version...

What do you guys think, though? When will we see a full-on Firestorm costume? Do you even want us to? And how much more of the character do you think we'll get to see this season?



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