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Need a gift for a Dr. Who fanatic that will exterminate all of the competition on the market? Look no further than the gift guide below from the wonderful Tardis of treats that is Etsy!

The Tardis Goes Tutu!

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This playful Tardis skirt will flatter any Dr Who fans who love to rock a vintage style.

A Little Bit Ood...

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You're might get some strange looks with this awesome crochet ood hat, but people should probably know better...

Til Death Do Us Tardis

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If you're looking to put a ring on a sci-fi fan, this diamond and sapphire Tardis ring is probably a good start to spending infinity together.

Dutiful Dalek

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A dalek probably wouldn't agree with being enslaved as a purse, but I certainly do!

Cybermen Does Vans

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These hand-painted Cyberman vans are beyond awesome!

Tardis Tart, Anyone?

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Who said cooking has to be boring?

Dog-Tor Who

Buy it Here.

Walkies through time and space.

(Source: Fashionably Geek)


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